Caleb Curtis (saxophone) + Noah Garabedian (bass) + Vinnie Sperrazza (drums) bring you their debut album, New Year, a collaborative album of improvisations, compositions, sketches, inside jokes, aspirations, dreams, challenges, and possibilities. New Year is a veritable collaboration through and through, released on Outside In Music. This is the first album the three recorded together, and was a new opportunity to explore their artistry through shared values but free of expectations and ingrained principles. As any art, this album’s honest and intriguing quality could only exist in the transient moment of a particular place and time. All Brooklyn based artists, their music captures the palpable energy of their shared experiences at this time in history. The music is organized but open and expressive. While they are highly versed in the classic tradition of jazz, their album opens up with the true freedom of improvisation, exploration, and creativity. New Year embodies the genuinely refreshed and synergistic energy of improvisation made truly in that moment.



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