Wall Street Takeover with Chris Yerinides & the Rough Edges

Chris Yerinides & the Rough Edges

Aside from writing and performing with Crown Colony, Chris maintains a solo career as a singer/songwriter. Incorporating 90s grunge influences with an acoustic approach, his typical sound is reflective of 90s MTV Unplugged.

Justin Chan & the Vices

Justin Chan & the Vices, or simply The Vices, are an American rock n’ roll band from Hartford, Connecticut, comprised of Ryan Newman, Tim Leffingwell, Brian Eldridge, Justin Chan, Ryan Mahoney, and Mitch Igneri (in order from left to right).

In March of 2018, the group made its debut in what started out as a limited collaboration between lead singer Justin Chan, Flight of Silence guitarist and singer Brian Eldridge, and blues trio Righteous Continental. For the next nine months, the band functioned as an outlet for Chan to bring his original songs to the live stage. They continued to perform exclusively under the banner of Justin Chan & Righteous Continental before deciding to permanently establish a separate and distinct project under the current name.

For Chan, Leffingwell, Igneri, and Eldridge, playing music together came naturally, given years of friendship and experiences performing alongside one another in college clubs during their time at UConn. Newman, who was a childhood friend of Leffingwell’s, provided an unrivaled sense of grit and brilliance, which would transform the group into a must-see live spectacle.

On December 31, 2018, Justin Chan & The Vices released its first single, “If You Prefer Silver” across all major streaming platforms. Three months later, on March 1, 2019, the group followed up with a second single - one of many original tunes featured in the band’s arsenal composed by the songwriting team of Chan/Carlsen - titled “Be Easy on Me”. The two debut releases have been met with warm praise and are noted for their polished, yet vintage rock sound, alluring melodies, heart-thumping rhythms, and mouthwatering solos.

Shortly after the band’s second release, The Vices rounded out its lineup by adding longtime friend and multi-instrumentalist Ryan Mahoney of Nautical Term into the partnership. Since then, the six-man wrecking crew has gone on to create a storm of buzz around New England and they are making every second of the year count. 2019 has been a year of exciting new highs.

Justin Chan & the Vices are hellbent on a mission to revive the spirit of rock n’ roll, drawing inspiration from American blues and the British invasion. Their sound is bold, fresh, and exhilarating, and on stage, they are truly at their best. With a repertoire of over 50 songs, including timeless classics and a host of catchy, fun and brand new original tunes, they are sure to leave an impression in every city they roll through. Don’t miss your chance to see the boys live in action at a venue near you!


The power trio James Darling and the Nuclear Heartbreak, based out of Stamford, Connecticut, is the high caliber product of guitarist and singer James Darling, drummer Gio Gomez and bassist Tim Robbins. JDNH was formed shortly after James’s recording of the bands debut EP “Ch.1” in August of 2017.

The bands live shows are hailed as an “electric, crowd pleasing, party atmosphere.”, riddled with songs that are “full bore sing alongs, the kind of singalongs you would grab a stranger to and together join in a triumphant chanting of the defiant lyrics.” The band is dripping with undertones of garage rock, folk, blues, and punk. The perfect combination to influences the boisterous energy of any audience. The only way one could come close to describing JDNH’s unique and dynamic sound would be if Weezer were to have a love child with the Alabama Shakes and that child was bottle fed “Reinventing Axl Rose” by Against me!.

Considered to be a true workhorse, JDNH is not hard to miss live because they play on an almost weekly to biweekly basis. The band is already setting up to release their second EP in the early spring of 2018 and an LP that summer. In the meantime, the band has promised to release music videos and live footage in the winter of 2018, just enough to keep our undying thirst quenched until their next release in the spring.

An uncommonly hypnotic rock trio, Hosemen finds inspiration everywhere from the streets of Rotterdam to their dirty old hometown of Stamford, Connecticut. Guitarist and frontman Anthony Quinn Carpanzano formed the band in 2005, changing the name from Mantyhose to Hosemen when bassist Brien Adams (2016) and drummer Michael Neidhardt joined in 2019. After more than a decade of dedication to songwriting and supporting the local music scene, Quinn and his Hosemen are finally ready to break out of the tristate area with their upcoming full length Saturday Nite Conformity.



On Saturday, August 17th, musicians, artists, performers, health trainers, and more will be taking over the Wall Street Area.

Beginning at 3pm, we will host a series of free popup events at the NORWALK PUBLIC LIBRARY, following the themes of Music, Visual Art, Family, and Wellness.

The main event will take place at Wall Street Theater for a performance by four local bands, and tap takeover by Two Roads Brewing Company. There will be raffles/prizes available for show attendees, and all profits generated by ticket sales will be donated to the Norwalk Housing Foundation College Fund. Doors open at 7pm, and the show begins at 8pm.

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