Listen between the lines, The Flag likes it white suit clean (e.g. "I wanna mop the floor, mop the floor") My Own Private Idaho bon ami kink or or the pipe-wrench wielding Ah-HA seducer? Probably neither, but now we're down in the boiler room and it's the middle of the summer. Don't even think about dancing you spazz unless you've got flippers. Turns out the reason for all that mopping is the goddamn sweat from these heat waves (Go and visit Tire Fire Island - it's bad enough to be stranded in the tropical sand with no luggage how come there has to be a mountain of burning tires too? These heat waves are gonna melt your brain and that coconut water is all the way up that tree). It's tomorrow in Australia and you already cannot find The Flag. Like a thief in the night dressed as Bryan Ferry during his "Love Is The Drug" eye patch phase, dude boarded the PJ and hit and quit it. This is besides the point, These WERE Powers, maaaan. GODMODE is an "American Label" but The Flag is afraid of Americans. What are you waiting for? That payphone is a robot, so destroy it with these cyborg sounds. The Flag is a cyborg but The Flag is the last human in the neighborhood. Stop nodding your heads you goddamn androids and give me some computer lessons. The record's out on Geographic North, not now but soon.

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