Minor Moon, Tara Terra, Ryan Whitney

Dread-laced and hopeful, meticulous and ecstatic - the music of Chicago based Minor Moon traffics in opposing forces in service of reflecting the kind lightness that can bear the tension of one's own contradictions. With a palette that leans heavily on folk rock and alt-country styles and instrumentation, bandleader and songwriter Sam Cantor wrestles together something altogether different, with songs that slip through the hold of well-worn definitions and expectations.

Minor Moon's latest release, the single It's Okay, outlines a thoroughly modern and curiously self-conscious trip to the grocery store - replete with delusions of cinematic grandeur and zonked out screen time - all cloaked in a sleepy, rainy day almost-retro rock vibe. The band's previous EP, What Our Enemies Know, has been described as "Pink Floydian," "like a sinister Cat Stevens" and "reminiscent of Procol Harum or The Band working their way through a set of Lambchop covers." Minor Moon plans to release their second full length album in early 2019.

Ryan Whitney

Broken loose from the chains of his former band the Predictions, Ryan Whitney brings some friends along to experiment with some new songs and arrangements.



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