Miramar & Puerto Rico Film Screening

In most of Latin America, if you’re by the sea, there is bound to be a place called Miramar very close by. It will typically have a postcard view of the sea – and if music is playing, chances are that it will be boleros: the romantic ballads that originated in Cuba at the turn of the 20th century.

When Puerto Rican singer Rei Alvarez was looking to name a new Bolero project he searched for something simple that would be familiar to Spanish speakers; a name that would reflect the humble poetry of everyday life. Miramar seemed perfect: a romantic snapshot of a place both close and far away from home.

Miramar, the group, aims to capture that poetry through their music. Using a somewhat traditional instrumentation that includes organ, piano, guitar, bass, percussion and an occasional string quartet the group’s arrangements distill the essence of the golden age of boleros while adding touches that reveal the band’s scope and diversity.

While most of the members of Miramar have Puerto Rican roots, Marlysse Simmons Argandoña is a first generation Chilean American who brings a distinct South American flavor to her writing and arranging and singer Laura Ann Singh, although born in Tennessee, contributes a Brazilian flavor she owes to her years spent in Brazil singing mostly bossa nova.

For now a century, whether in the Caribbean or South America, Boleros have been the ultimate expression of love and suffering. While its origin is to be found in Cuba, the genre quickly crossed borders and became particularly popular in Mexico. From the 1930’s through the 1960’s, Mexican composer Agustin Lara wrote some of the most recognizable and most covered boleros. Classic Mexican trios of the 1950’s such as Los Tres Ases and Los Panchos, expanded the popularity of the genre all throughout Latin America, making the bolero a pan-Latin common denominator. Puerto Rico was no exception where boleros have been popular since the 1930’s.


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Miramar will be playing a set of music followed by a screening of a short mini documentary on Puerto Rico's environmental landscapes. Our Puerto Rico art and photo show will be on display and we'll have DJs spinning between acts.

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