Max Bemis

Say Anything was basically Max Bemis and whoever he recruited to collaborate with him on his utterly self-aware punk songs between the years of 2000-2018. They toured a bit too much and lost their minds and thus ended their initial tenure as a band upon the release of their LP OLIVER APPROPRIATE. However, Max will be playing those songs for the first time, without his jarringly loud band, on this fall/winter solo tour, as well as favorites from throughout his career.

“How much more organic and fun for a start of a band can you get then just having it be a private joke between two people falling in love?” offers vocalist, guitarist and co-founder of Perma, Max Bemis.
Perma is the joint effort of husband and wife duo Max Bemis (Say Anything) and Sherri DuPupree-Bemis (Eisley). Their debut full-length album Two of a Crime will be released on October 29th on Rory Records, Bemis’ imprint label within Equal Vision Records.
It is blatantly clear that the two love creating music together almost as much as they love one another. As Bemis puts it, “Sherri and I literally started writing songs together for the singular purpose of wooing each other, and once we got the wooing done, it was to continue to expand upon our love for one another. That’s what Perma is, and it’s pure in that respect.”
Dupree-Bemis shares similar sentiments to her husband/band mate. “We’re both hopeless romantics, so getting to just have free reign on that topic and being able to let loose and even sometimes get a little silly about it was so natural and very true to who we are as a couple,” shares Dupree-Bemis. “We have a lot of fun together but also have a very deeply passionate love and I think this album captures both sides of that story.”
Perma’s first single, “Two of a Crime,” was released September 4th, and gained over 25,000 streams within its first week. The title track seamlessly and perfectly combines the very best elements of both Say Anything’s bombastic and driving music with Eisley’s sweet and melodic tunes into one track that works so well, one might wonder why it hadn’t happened sooner. As much as Bemis whole-heartedly enjoys being an irreplaceable part of Say Anything, he realized he needed something else as well. “As Say Anything progresses on its manic spectrum of darkness and light, I realized I absolutely NEEDED to have an outlet to express the part of me I never have to doubt, which is my love for Sherri,” shares Bemis. “Recording this record was literally like a sigh of relief. I’m so incredibly proud of this record.”
The duo were on the road together this past summer as Say Anything and Eisley toured the U.S on the incredibly successful Say Anything Rarities and More tour. The tour featured an exclusively Equal Vision Records line-up of Say Anything, Eisley, HRVRD, I the Mighty and Northern Faces. This winter Perma will tour for the first time, along with Matt Pryor, Merriment, and with Max Bemis and Sherri DuPree-Bemis playing solo sets as well.
Bemis’ unabashed excitement shines in his anticipation of the tour, along with most other things about this group, as he proclaims, “This will be my favorite acoustic tour ever. I just know it. In addition to what I’ve found to be a thrilling experience, playing Say Anything songs acoustically in an intimate setting, Sherri and I will be getting to debut many of the songs from Perma’s Two of a Crime live for the first time. Having a hero of mine such as Matt Pryor along for the ride, and my favorite new band Merriment opening, just makes it even more exciting.”

Museum Mouth

Museum Mouth is a band that originated in Southport, NC in 2009. It consists of three members: Graham High (guitar), Karl Kuehn (drums, vocals), and Kory Urban (bass). Originally, Savannah Levin played bass and provided vocals but left the band in September 2010. Their musical genres include pop-punk and apocalypse rock.

Karl Kuehn - Drums, Vocals
Graham High - Guitar
Kory Urban - Bass

Label: Rory Records/Equal Vision Records



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