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Screams of Hockomock

Screams of Hockomock has its nascent origin with a band called Splinter, formed by Patrick Dillon (lead guitar and vocals) in 2012. Along with Dave Coughlin (drummer, Mourned), Splinter sought to create a brutal blend of black and death metal. During this time Dillon pursued a degree in Classical Guitar. Through his studies, he developed an appreciation for the great composers of old. After the breakup of Splinter, he sought to incorporate this into his own music, and Screams of Hockomock was born. The vision of this band is to combine equal parts brutality and refined classical influence, to offer a brand of neo-classical melodic death metal that hasn't been explored since the late 90's in Finland and eastern Europe.
Needing a name to fit the musical vision, local lore was looked to for inspiration. Dillon grew up just north of an area referred to as the Bridgewater Triangle, a hotspot for paranormal and disturbing activity. At the center of the Bridgewater Triangle, sits the band’s namesake- the Hockomock Swamp. The Hockomock Swamp has birthed a number of legends from the Dover Demon and firebirds, to skinwalkers and pukwudgies, to satanic rituals and gruesome murders. It also served as the sight of King Philip’s War or Metacomet’s Rebellion. The slaughter of Native Americans here gave the swamp it’s Algonquin name: “The Place Where Spirits Dwell”. The band seeks to do justice to legend of the Hockomock Swamp, putting both the horror and beauty of the location to song.
Screams of Hockomock, colloquially referred to as SOH or Screams, found its first lineup in 2016. With Garret Mallory (ex-Vivisepulture) on guitar, Chris Lam on bass and Colin Hales on drums, the band burst on to the metal scene with the Amok run of shows across most of New England. During this time, a rough demo was released entitled Beyond the Swamp.
This lineup proved fragile, with Colin Hales departing the band shortly after this release. To continue the band, Dillon recruited his longtime friend Matthew Severance to handle bass playing duties, moving Lam back to the first instrument he learned - drums. This lineup proved to be even better than the last, continuing the onslaught of New England shows the previous lineup had started. This culminated in a tour ranging from New Hampshire to Pennsylvania..
However, shortly before this tour, Garrett Mallory announced his abrupt departure from the band. Luckily, Christina Schwarz stepped up to handle guitar duties in his absence and the tour went successfully. This started a third era for the band - supported by Schwarz but looking for the permanent guitar counterpart to Dillon. This lineup played a series of shows, until Lam announced his departure from the band to pursue his studies and other passions. His last show saw Mallory make a return to stage for a final song and marked a clear end of the era.
During this time another demo was recorded by Dillon, Lam and Severance. As a nostalgic look at what was, and a tantalizing glimpse at what’s to come, the band released this demo, M2-402-2, at the end of 2018.
Shortly following Lam’s departure, Dillon answered a Craigslist ad and found a diamond in the rough in Derrick Manning (ex-Barcelona (Texas)). Manning breathed new life into the songs with his creative and expressive drumming. After a few final shows with Schwarz, Dillon found the permanent solution at the second guitar position: Krys Hayward (ex-Perennial Quest). Bringing a level of shred and skill to match Dillon, Krys helped the music evolve even further. Continuing the slew of shows, SOH sounded better than ever. However, something was missing to truly bring out the classical inspiration to the music- keyboards. After playing a Children of Bodom cover set, the band managed to snare Charles Woodruff (Dialath) to fill that void. Finally with the lineup at its zenith, the band has set its sights on playing even more and even better shows, in addition to releasing an album in 2019.

The Atomic Unknown

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