Rose Of The West

Rose Of The West

Sequestered in the desert of Western Australia, the vibrant, red flowers of Eucalyptus macrocarpa stand out against the harsh landscape. The rare tree, nicknamed “rose of the west,” manages to prevail over the severe climate, opening its beauty to those who seek it.

It’s with this image that Gina Barrington (vocals, guitar) found solace and inspiration for her project Rose of the West. After five years of false-starts, the contemplative pop outfit has solidified its lineup and will make its debut on April 5th, with Rose of the West via Communicating Vessels.

Barrington grew up in a musical household, as her grandfather was an orchestra director. She would begrudgingly sit in front of a piano for hours, longing to tinker around and write her own music, and above all work her way through her grandfather’s instrument hierarchy to earn her first guitar. And while the guitar was never reached, this foundation is what helped Barrington find her way back to music amidst life’s tribulations.

“It gave me that space I needed, and encouragement I needed, to maybe just pick something up and see what would happen,” Barrington says. “It was an expression of that inner voice that you feel like getting out.”

After a six-year stint in Los Angeles, Barrington felt Milwaukee calling her home, and her writing began to truly take hold. After releasing a solo EP, Barrington formed Nightgown in 2014, but interpersonal issues permeated the group, and she was left to reinvent. From its ashes came Rose of the West, a dark, dream-pop five-piece.

Rose of the West opens with “Love Lies Bleeding,” which like the band’s name, also draws on the rare beauty of an exotic plant. A hypnotic chorus narrates the universal experience of uncovering a truth and gaining 20/20 hindsight. Barrington’s lush sound is bolstered by the musical backgrounds her band members have brought to Rose of the West: Cedric LeMoyne (Remy Zero, Alanis Morissette), Thomas Gilbert (GGOOLLDD), Erin Wolf (Hello Death) and Dave Power (The Staves).

The album’s lead single, “Roads,” is a volatile display of the long journey Barrington had to embark on to arrive at Rose of the West. Barrington’s gritty vocals softly-yet-sternly navigate temperamental layers of synth and guitar, ultimately resolving atop an oscillating bassline.

“‘Roads’ is really about duality: feeling torn, lost, overwhelmed and scared about, yet enthralled with, the possibilities in life,” Barrington says. “It’s one of the songs that’s been with me longest, and the first one that came together during the making of the album which pointed it, and the band, in its ultimate direction.”

The lead up to Rose of the West has been lengthy and turbulent, but Rose of the West is ready to share its sprawling debut. Despite the harsh conditions presented to Barrington, she pressed on and has found her voice with Rose of the West, crafting emotive indie-pop.

Queue is a rock and roll band living in New York City. Formed by school friends Liv Price, Aida Mekonnen, and Steven Vannelli; the band writes guitar driven music inspired by personal experience and moments of self-reflection.

The band's debut single "Falling Into Skies" landed on Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist and was quickly lauded for its lush, moody vocals and chiming guitars by publications like Drunken Werewolf and Pause Musicale. They followed with a second single, "More," an aching ballad that Consequence of Sound called "a soft yet scintillating track teetering between dream folk and indie rock.” The band went on the road in support of these releases, playing shows across the east coast with Middle Kids, Eighty Ninety, pronoun, and Cape Francis.

Following those dates, Queue returned to the studio, working with producer Ben Rice at Degraw Sound in Gowanus. The result of these sessions was "Frontier," an energetic fever dream with driving guitars and anthemic vocal melodies. This release would mark the third time the band featured on Spotify's Fresh Finds playlist, and garnered praise from sites WXPN's The Key and The Revue.

After supporting Editors on the Violence tour and releasing their new single "Float Away," the band went on to play acoustic shows in the UK and US, trying out new songs off their forthcoming debut EP expected in Spring 2019.

I am just a product of a haunted jukebox and the golden heart degenerates. Nothing beats writing the narrative for the cosmic radio and thriving off of the lust for life. Dreams, schemes and traveling the world. It’s Rock N’ Roll for the dreamers soul. Every note feels like a sanctified connection echoing into the chambers of heart ache and passion.My spirit is made from the fire of rebellion, and the desire to spread it wild. Tho my character may translate as a one with rigid strength and angst, in truth it is just the golden armor of a powerful woman who fights fear with courage head on. Love is the key and music is my language. With this tool I hope to heal and translate the traumas of our lives.

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