Shehehe’s music has always been rooted in heartfelt, autobiographical songs about a band and its life: the things that drive them crazy, the things they love, their awes, triumphs, and humor. Their latest endeavor, Endless Summer, is no different. Dwelling on each member living by the ocean at one point in time their lingering yearning for beach life is tangible. The album processes their decision to reside in Athens, GA and the realities of their reasons for doing so. The conclusion that Athens is more conducive to touring, as well as the understanding that working at a bar gives the flexibility needed to continue as musicians are some of the truths shared within, and why dreams of the sea must be sacrificed for now.

The title track expresses the excitement of show days and touring, the feeling of living life like an Endless Summer: traveling, meeting new people, camping, eating a variety of foods. Everyday different and full of adventure.

The album wraps up with a song titled Ramona Ray: at one point the future child of band members, Jason Fusco and Nicole Bechill. Now a year old, Ramona Ray travels along with the band, an added 5th bandmate, learning to walk and talk on stages throughout the Southeast.

Whether you see Shehehe live or hear them on a record, from that first note to the last you’ll be bouncing and singing along to the infectious, anthemic chants of youth and subsequent struggles with adulthood. Snarly call and response male/female punk vocals, occasional soft, sweet harmonies, and a scream or two paired with thumpy, pounding, aggressive, hypnotic rhythms inspire and cultivate a genuinely honest, nostalgic, yet unique rock & roll scene. A scene not just in their hometown of Athens, GA, but all over the plethora of cities these road tested, road worn, and at times road beaten band members have been during their six year tenure. Uncompromised, unabashed, uninhibited, a must-see for fans of any kind of music, Shehehe is always a great time!

Feather Trade

Sound project with visual concentration and collaboration. Dark and beautiful atmosphere by guitars float over the unforgiving landscape of bass and percussion. Vocals provide the human reactionary element to the surroundings and situation. Heightened dynamics in sound. Intense emotion. Lyrical imagery of terror and beauty. Self preservation. This is not a rock and roll band.

Breakups with geography. Horses dying at sea. Knives in religious ceremony. Storms inside a person.

Mean Queen


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