Earthquake Lights, Paper Fairy, Where's Tino, Beggar's Banquet

Earthquake Lights

Earthquake Lights is the NYC-based quintet comprised of lead singer/keyboardist Myles Rodenhouse, drummer Stephen Helms, electric bassist James DiGirolamo, multi-instrumentalist/backing vocalist Cam Underhill and lead guitarist Evan Douaihy. As former players in a jazz orchestra and veterans of the NYC rock scene, they have tentacles in those genres as well as classical, doo-wop, soul, R&B, and indie-rock among others. In 2012, the band released Bangups & Hangups, a six-song EP that landed placements in a wristwatch commercial and the soundtrack of an Al Jazeera TV program. Earthquake Lights’ debut album, Distress Signals, was recorded in part at world-famous Abbey Road Studios and is by far the group’s most refined, complete work to date.

Paper Fairy is the dream that didn't end when you woke up. From the spiderweb mind of Chris Gaskell comes a new project that will rot your teeth silly before you wise up to your sweet tooth. If the alarm bells are going off, it's already too late.
Paper Fairy’s debut album, Haunter Haunted, describes a horror of dualities; the haunter chases the haunted, the innocent implicates the guilty, the accuser shames the accused, the experienced tricks the naïve, and the explained fulfills the unexplained. Through deconstructed lyrics and unconventional compositions, the music evokes the two becoming one as the trickster falls into their own trap.
The visual identity of the project, including the music video for “Haunted”, shot by Brittany Shepherd and directed by Ivana Dizdar, queers the viewer’s perspective to further convey the album’s narrative in an erotic horror tableau of the dentist's office.

Where's Tino is an Alternative Rock band from Asbury Park, NJ. Our influences range from the synth rock of The Cars to California songwriting pop of Rooney.

Beggar's Banquet

"Oh hi there. We are Beggars Banquet-- the high-octane rock n' roll trifecta based out of Brooklyn. We got Rex Rexha shredding lead guitar and vocals, Cass Adams slapping bass, and Bryan Williams thumping drums. Our sound is sure to get you movin' and grovin' so be sure to bring your dancing shoes and open your soul to some rock n' roll \m/"

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