Q5, Glacier, Silver Talon

American heavy metal band from Seattle, Washington formed in 1983.
2 Grammies nominated for 6 others.

Q5 is:
JONATHAN K. : Vocals
EVAN SHEELEY : Bass / Vocals
DENNIS TURNER : Guitar / Vocals
NICK LAYTON : Guitar / Vocals
JEFFREY McCORMACK ; Drums / Vocals

American heavy metal band from Portland, Oregon formed in 1979 by Pat Goebel and Sam Easley. Glacier began as a three-piece that played cover songs by Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, UFO and other bands. The Original Lineup included: Sam Easley, Guitar; Pat Goebel, Drums; and, Scott Prinzing on Bass and Vocals. Glacier played a handful of live gigs around Portland, then began writing original compositions.

By 1983, the lineup has evolved: Scott Prinzing was out. Pat Goebel now played Lead Guitar. Timm Proctor was brought on to play Bass. Loren Bates took over Drums for Pat Goebel. And, Michael Podrybau had been recruited as permanent Vocalist. Glacier recorded the three-track, "Ready for Battle" demo in 1983. The songs on the demo are: Ready for Battle, Speak No Evil and Devil in Disguise. Based on the strength of the music on the demo, Axe Killer Records offered the band a record contract.

Glacier accepted Axe Killer's offer, and then composed and recorded two new songs: When Heaven's at Hand, and Vendetta. Just at the time of signing the contract, Glacier decided to part ways with Mike Podrybau. Guest vocalists appear on the two new songs on the EP. Keith Flax on When Heaven's at Hand. And, Rex McNew on Vendetta.

The EP was released in Europe on June 1, 1985. It sold a respectable 2,200 copies. Today, thirty years later, that five-song 12" vinyl record is considered a Classic Masterpiece of the genre. It is highly sought after by fans and collectors alike, and can sell for as high as $200.

$17.00 - $20.00

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