Collidoscope & Melody Lines w/ Telemetry, Floatgoat, Mr. Bugatti

Collidoscope is all about the joining of forces, the smashing together of worlds. We believe that the most phenomenal ideas are formed where individual experiences, tastes, and backgrounds cross paths and spill into each other.

Producers Hank Brigham and James Hatch began collaborating and making music in summer 2014. They quickly found that the blend of unique styles and talent created a whole most definitely greater than the sum of its parts. Each member has a different musical background:
James Hatch - Keys/Synth & Production
Hank Brigham - Rhythm, Bass, Saxophone, & Production
Robert Slange - Drums
Vince Seidl - Guitar & Production

and a commitment to embracing as many influences as possible. While the group has a penchant for 70s funk and live instrument elements, there is nothing off limits when it comes to the flavor of the music. Each new song is a chance to explore a new aural landscape, and each new show has an element of jam and improvisation that sets it apart. Every experience is a new collision.

Melody Lines

Melody Lines is an innovative Electronic group from Denver, creating music that draws inspiration from all genres of music. Each song is completely unique from each other, there's a song for every moment, and listener of music.
Each song is created by Vinny Crippen, and accompanied by Nick Hadden on Drums Live. Both Vinny & Nick have music degrees from CU Denver, and have decades experience.This band loves to jam and incorporates numerous live elements such as guitar, drums, and featured instrumentalists. Every show turns into a party with these two, but their music goes far beyond just that. Melody Lines embraces the power behind music, allowing sensations from music that evoke emotions. Funky bass lines, synthesizers, and symphonic elements are combined to make a massive soundscape for all listeners, anybody can find a tune that they can identify with.


Hailing out of Denver, CO and representing The Mile High Sound Movement, Telemetry, is a 3 piece power up trio strongly based off the idea of blending production music with live instrumentation. Creating in styles of Rock, Hip Hop, World, and Electronic, this hybrid combo is sure to having you bob yo head, tap yo toe, and thrust yo hips.


Colorado based electro-funk duo

Mr. Bugatti

My name is Daniel Evans, and I am an electronic dance music DJ/Producer. To check out my mixes and sounds, go to my soundcloud page @ Hope you enjoy.

$12 Advance / $15 Day of Show


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