Danny McGaw

Danny McGaw sings with an emotional charge that commands any room. His intimate delivery of an acoustic ballad explodes into the driving rhythm of a stadium rock anthem, as Danny takes the listener on a journey that has range, depth, and raises the spirit. There is a reason fans describe going to a Danny McGaw show as “going to church”.
The Salford born songwriter began his career as a pro soccer player in the north of England before migrating to the States and turning to music. For several years he honed his skills as a singer, busking in the streets of Santa Monica. Then after moving to Kansas City, Danny built a reputation as one of the Mid West’s most prolific writers and well-loved performers.
In 2013 he formed the soul rock band, Wells the Traveler, recording two albums before relocating back to the West Coast in 2015. Landing in Ojai, California, Danny found kindred spirits in this creative community. Tim Arlon, another British ex-pat, brought piano, harmonies and a rare chemistry to Danny’s live shows. With the addition of Matt Cheadle’s inventive guitar playing, the uplifting energy of Tim Hutton on bass, and Greg Weiser's drumming to lock them all down, the Danny McGaw Band has become the most energized expression of Danny’s music to date.
The band’s new album, ‘Northern Lad’, was recorded and produced by Grammy award winner, Tim Hutton, at The Canyon Hut. “Hutton really grasped my vision for this record,” says Danny, “Big hooks, guitars, harmonies… more punk rock than folk rock.” But while ‘Northern Lad’ makes no apology for being a rock album, it has the emotional breadth that is the signature of Danny McGaw’s work.



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