Tric Town December


A new band crafting post-something epics that are more instrumental than not (for now). Former members of i, fanblades, The Collingwood, and Captain Jack.

Cheap Dinosaurs plays Goblin & All Their Hits

Six piece with attitude is branching from Philadelphia, Pa. The band is comprised of Dino Lionetti (composer / programming / synths), Danny Tarng (baritone guitar), Patrick "Bucky" Todd (drums), Joey Mariano (guitar / circuit bending / synth), Paul Weinstein (bass), Daniel Davis (guitar)

Ominous Ominous Ominous

Ominous Ominous Ominous is an indie rock / garage rock / punk influenced four piece from Philadelphia in a similar vein to The Pixies and Echo and the Bunnyman.

Sylvan Wolfe

When sylvan wolfe plays, primal emotion becomes palpable in the room. There’s neither lack of sensitivity or alls to the wall rock. The source of this passion lies with the lead singer who writes every song with an acoustic guitar and hands it off to the band. Who in turn take it and place their stamp on it and spit it back out as a whole new song resulting in a unique mix from surf rock to doowop
to straight rock and roll.



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