Allday + Mallrat


Mallrat is Grace Shaw, a singer and songwriter of hip-hop-infused electro-pop from Australia. She took the name from the 2013 Orwells song "Mallrats (La La La)." Born and raised in Brisbane, Shaw began uploading anthemic laptop tunes with her take on topics like school, clothes, and social exclusion to music-sharing sites as a 16-year-old in 2015. She quickly became a regular at the top of the Hype Machine charts, and in mid-2016 she released her debut EP, Uninvited. Calling her "the Hannah Montana of the rap game," Nettwerk gave it a label release in early 2017. Musicians like indie rock band Baby Spiders and EDM's Oh Boy and Donatachi took note and began featuring her on their own tracks, and her song "For Real" was licensed by Google for a smartphone commercial. In early 2018 she issued the more atmospheric "UFO," featuring Allday, and made her U.S. debut at South by Southwest. Working with Sydney producer Basenji, Shaw issued the hook-filled single "Nobody's Home" in early 2019.
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