Bobby Rush

Bobby Rush...2017 GRAMMY winning blues legend, Blues Hall of Famer,
12x Blues Music Award winner, and B.B. King Entertainer of the Year
After decades of tearing up the chitlin’ circuit on a nightly basis with his sweaty,
barred funkfests
, Bobby has thoroughly broken through to the
mainstream. He won a long
overdue 2017 Grammy for his spectacular album
Porcupine Meat
and consistently tours the globe as a headliner. What’s more,
Bobby’s brand
new album
Sitting on Top of the Blues
on his own
Deep Rush
imprint (distributed by Thirty Tigers) promises to further spread the news that this
revered legend, well past 80 years of age even if his stratospheric energy level
belies the calendar, is bigger and badder and bolder than ever.
“I’m sitting
on top of the blues. I’m a bluesman who’s sitting on the top of my
game, proud of what I do and proud of who I am and thankful for people
accepting me for what I am and who I am,” says the charismatic Rush. “I’m
happy about what I’m doing and still enthuse
d about what I’m doing. And I think
we’ve got some good songs.”
That’s a profound understatement. There’s something for everyone on
Sitting on
Top of the Blues
, from the boisterous R&B
laced opener “Hey Hey Bobby Rush”
through the cooking “Good Stuff,” th
e sexy “Slow Motion,” and a stripped
“Recipe For Love” that features Bobby and his co
producer Vasti Jackson
supplying all the accompaniment necessary with their interlocking guitars. Rush
wails on pungent harmonica throughout the set, his vocals as s
ly and sensuous
as ever while elastic grooves simmer and surge behind him. Rush has been a
master storyteller for decades, and the songs on this disc follow in that tradition.
Never one to rest on his considerable laurels, Bobby’s not about to start now.
think I’m getting more acclaim because I’m working harder, and when people tell
me I can’t do something, that’s the wrong thing to tell Bobby Rush,” he says. “I’m
considered the king of the chitlin’ circuit. I’m crossing over now, but I haven’t
out. And I think the music itself says that about me.”
Scott Billington, producer of
Porcupine Meat
for Rounder Records, was involved
this time too, though to a lesser extent as Rush recruited the multi
Jackson to help with much of the action beh
ind the board. “I wanted to come with
a record behind winning a Grammy,” says the veteran bluesman. “So we went
and finished it up.” The album spotlights all of Rush’s strengths: blues, soul, funk,
and everything in between.
“That’s about the truth of me,
” he says of his new disc. “That’s all I know. Even if I
do something different, I’m going to put enough blues in it so you’ll know that I’m
still this blues singer that’s giving you what I know about it. Anything I do or say is
going to be about the blues
. So that’s where I was coming from with that. It’s got
a lot of little twists. It’s got a little of this, a little of that. And I often talk about how
I came up and who did I love and who influenced me.

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