I’ve always believed that through hard work and perseverance any desire can be obtained. My life, which I express through my music hasn’t been easy; I’ve performed, written countless songs, and made progress along the way. God gave me this gift for music and it’s the best way for me to express myself and weave through my life. Growing up in Colorado, my genre hasn’t been the most popular and that forced me to work twice as hard to achieve my dream and solidified my passion.

I was a nominee at the Underground Music Awards, I’ve performed at the world-famous Apollo Theater five times, and I’ve shared the stage with many top artists in the music game today. I assembled a team and Prime Music Entertainment (PME Clique) with the help of my manager and business partner, Rashaad Gaillard.
I dropped my first, official mixed tape “Through My Eyes” in June 2012 which was well received but still didn’t showcase my full potential. It scored highly among reviewers. I’ve also been featured on several national mixed tapes. My debut album “New Kid” was released in 2013. My second project “Inside Out” which was released the fall of 2014, showed fans that I was still working on me. I let fans into my life; let them see my vulnerable side, which in turn brought my fans closer to my music. I followed up “Inside Out” with a 4 track Project “The Come Up” in the Winter of 2016. My latest project Reflections is the most intense, emotional roller coaster I’ve written to date. I hope you hear and see my evolution through my music and life. Support my brand. Prime Music Entertainment.
Join the PME Clique, please support the music, and follow me for your grand tour into the music world through my eyes.
-Deon Wilson

From his intelligent lyrics to his powerful punchlines THC has brought diversity and originality into the hip hop music scene. With his newly released EP, "The Hotboxed EP" THC has created a storm of fans across the United States. The Texas/Colorado native started as a battle emcee at the age of 15. At the age of 18 he mastered the art of turntablism performing at concerts, clubs, and even raves. In 2014 he retired his DJ skills with his last event being The 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup. Never swaying away from his lyrical skills THC started a movement with many underground artists performing at hundreds of venues across the nation. He has performed with many headlining acts such as Redman, Method Man, Afroman, Devin The Dude, Pharoahe Monch, Blackalicious, Heiroglyphics, Cunninlynguists, Zion-I, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Sean Price, The Alkaholiks, Slim Thug, Baby Bash, Canibus, A Lighter Shade of Brown, Rappin 4 Tay, Haystak, Lil Flip, Do or Die, Young Buck, Pato Banton, NB Rydaz, Kid Frost, Spice 1, and many more. He released three mixtapes by the time he was 23 including the infamous album "The Side Effects of THC". At the age of 26 he released his solo LP "Word Pad" which contains tracks with some of the best producers in the hip hop industry such as Derek Smith from Pretty Lights, Base Jase from Brass Knuckle Entertainment, and Essence from Essence Underground Productions. His previous album "Scrunched Up Face Musik" is still getting worldwide attention as artists such as Ready Roc of Gilla House and Derek Smith of Pretty Lights make special guest appearances. In November, 2014 he released his long awaited reggae influenced EP called, "The Hotboxed EP". This 5 track EP features himself and some of the most cultural artists that have ever stepped into a recording booth. "The Hotboxed EP" is currently being played on radio stations all around the world. He has brought new meaning to the three letters of his name as his live performances are heart pounding and full of energy. Everyone get ready as THC is bringing fire with his smoke.


Terren Gallegos (2une) started rapping at an early age, in the fourth grade. 2une heard Lil Wayne’s ‘Tha Carter’ album and the song, “I Miss My Dawgs” inspired him to write a song about his biological father; who had walked out of his life when he was in the second grade. He didn’t get the name ‘2une’ from Wayne or steal it to be like him, he got the name from some friends when he was younger. Tupac is his inspiration and he has incorporated his music to relate to real life, as Tupac did. Tune is thankful for the chance to try to change someone’s life, like Tupac changed his.
2une can bring something new to the table. He’s different from the other rappers, he speaks from his heart. He feels like music has been destroyed by our generation, by being selfish in the music. Other artists talk about their money, diamonds and drugs. They are getting paid millions for saying words with no meaning. 2une feels the sad part is music is not a form of art or expression these days; it’s used for fame, attention and popularity. Most rappers don’t do it for the love of music anymore and 2une wants to save the game by being known for his music instead of having a big ego. He tries to stay humble and thanks God for blessing him with the talent to reach someone’s heart.

Beats and rhymes written in the 303, Aztrogrizz is Colorado through and through. Born and raised in the shadow of the Rockies, the boys of Aztrogrizz are looking to change the world of rap! Get to know us and our music because we’re coming for you.

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