The Altons have been active around town for the last couple of years, quickly becoming known for vibrantly encapsulating the essence of a Los Angeles that exists because of its raspy, strikingly honest, genre-bending forbears. Their sound is soulful blues with a sun tan and sweet backyard cumbia tinnitus.

Weapons of Mass Creation

Weapons of Mass Creation (WMC) is a four-piece art rock band that combines different artistic forms and musical genres to highlight social injustice. Known for explosive and unpredictable live performances that often include different artistic elements such as film projections, live painting, dancers or performance art.

WMC’s unique sound comes from powerful story driven songs, that blend slam poetry with genres like Rock, Folk, Blues, Indie and Hip Hop. Each of the four band members is an experienced artist.

The Hurricanes

A Rock N Roll Band from Santa Ana, Orange County, CA. We just want to make love to the World. Hurricanes, expect the unexpected.



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