Hunger Anthem

Hunger Anthem is an indie power rock trio hailing from Athens, Georgia.

"(Cut the Chord) bursts with urgency and is packed with jaw-droppingly great tunefulness."
Flagpole Magazine

"The band clamber through the bluster and slice to the heart of the song, emerging bloody, triumphant and richer. Quick, sudden, painless – stripped down and lean, Hunger Anthem are a short, sharp reminder of when rock was allowed to be solely about the song, the buzz, the feel."

"Hunger Anthem: the whole reason that DIY still matters."

Call it fate. Call it cosmic synchronicity. Some type of alignment. Maybe it’s best not to look too deeply for significance in the random meeting of Johnathan Coody, Matthew Palmerlee, and Charley Ferlito. It all started in a remote village in the Ecuadorian rain forest. It was there that 3 completely independent energies converged for the first time. Three searchers from Silicon Valley with an intense hunger for self-discovery and no prior knowledge of each other found themselves on the same spirit quest. Under the watchful eye of their shaman, Ricky, they surrendered their egos to the jungle spirits via the ancient rite of ayahuasca. At the peak of their journey they each received a transmission from the vine. It told them they were to quit their jobs at Linked In, Google, and Lockheed Martin and dedicate their lives to a rock band called Divine Feed. So they did.

Minimum Rage



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