Carrousel, Stephanie Meyers, Ruby Red


Carrousel’s music revels within the eye of a storm: examining the fraught dystopia of current life and the spiraling process of depression, within an individual—and a nation. Comprising of Joel Piedt (songwriter, vocals, production) and Rosa Sharon (songwriter, vocals), the duo’s futurist pop melodies wane toward the prophetic, delineating several genres at once with enigmatic cohesion, and surprising grit. Inspired by industrial and psychedelic rock, new wave, New York boom bap and shoegaze, Carrousel comprehends creating music as the making of worlds; a world of sound NPR has described as "meticulous" and "head-turning. " The music continually points to the disorienting nature of the present, and the overdigitalization of knowledge, with wry, boisterous scrutiny. Compository of neither the present nor past, Carrousel belongs instead to the illusory future—and the possibilities awaiting us there—including this new momentous ringing of sound.

Stephanie Meyers is a deeply theatrical chanteuse, piano-attacker, and composer who combats chauvinism one facetiously worded song at a time. Blending chamber jazz and pop music, Meyers’ recently-released EP “tongue – tied” is 50% intricate wordplay, 50% striking arrangements, and 100% written wearing footie pajamas.

Ruby Red was formed in early 2018 by Daniel
Laner and Fernando Fine, who first began collaborating
musically in early elementary school. Since
then, they have switched their focus from (poorly)
covering Green Day songs to developing their own,
unique sound intended to serve as a soundtrack for
early adulthood. Their debut EP ”LOVELOCK” garnered
moderate success with virtually no promotion,
leading to a handful of shows at various
venues at UCLA as well as the Silverlake Lounge.
Looking forward, the band is looking to continue releasing
singles that will ultimately culminate in a
sophomore project, tentatively entitled “SUPER
BLOOM”, to be released in the second half of 2019.



  • Carrousel - 8:15
  • Stephanie Meyers - 9:00
  • Ruby Red  - 9:45

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