The Great Philadelphia Hunt Afterparty w/Dutchguts


Sheena & Thee Nosebleeds

What began as a two song guest spot in 2013 rapidly blossomed into and entity all its own. In keeping with Sheena’s passionate, charged delivery and tremendous vocal range, Thee Nosebleeds provide a sonic backdrop more musical and diverse than their previous efforts.
Immediately following their first full performance in 2014, SATN released the 4 song live EP, “Kick Out the Jawns.” This was followed by the self produced “Electric Church” EP in 2015. In January of 2016, the fearsome foursome entered Panther Pro Audio with engineer/producer Dan “Kish o’ Death” Kishbaugh,(Biters, Vektor, Bad Luck 13) to record their first 10n songs. With a healthy respect and understanding of their musical legacy and an intrepid attytood towards the future, Sheena & Thee Nosebleeds proudly fly the flag of Philadelphia Rock n’ Soul.



Wholewrecker is an instrumental motorcycle metal band with a 1970’s prog rock influence. The members are from North Jersey and Philadelphia. They started in 2016 when Dan Rivas of Dutchguts and Jason Verdone of Ominous Black spent a weekend in Atlanta and decided to start a new project. Once home they met up With Drummer Gili Traster and started writing music at The Meatlocker in Montclair Nj after shows. The music was once described as “ If Motorhead, ZZ Top and King Crimson wrote a soundtrack for Easy Rider.”

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