In the spring of 2012, Kitty Ray uploaded her first music video “okay cupid” on a lunch break from her job at Claire’s. Her hypnotic flow and winking wordplay took the internet by storm, and the polarizing success of her first mixtape crystallized this Daytona Beach native as a bastion of music industry subversion.

Since then, Kitty has remained a fixture of the online music scene- in 2016, she joined indie rock band Teen Suicide (currently American Pleasure Club) and in 2017, Kitty and her husband Sam began releasing cheer-squad inspired gonzo EDM as The Pom-Poms. She’s also dipped her toes in the world of game soundtracks, scoring 2018’s “Beasts of Balance” and providing original tracks for 2019’s “Rainswept” and mobile game “Spin Rhythm”.

In the years since her debut, Kitty’s solo music has metamorphosed from bedroom rap to self-produced weirdo-pop. Her recent self-released album “Rose Gold” reached #9 on Billboard’s dance charts, and has been described as “perfectly stilted and strained, a continuing struggle of digital transmissions over the course of its duration that remains perfectly modern while harkening back to the 808s & Heartbreak era”.

With her cheeky social presence, genre-bending sound, eclectic catalog of bangers and relentless DIY ethic, Kitty won’t quit until she’s coated the world in her special blend of fairy dust.

When Kelsey LaRae and Dylan Gallagher first met in a community college music class, they had never made even a single song between the two of them. But the moment they heard each other sing for the first time, it didn't matter that neither of them knew a thing about music production (they couldn't read music and still can't) or the music industry: their connection and was undeniable. After teaching themselves to use production software, filling notebooks full of lyrics, and creating hundreds upon hundreds of voice notes demos, they were ready to introduce the world to their new vision of pop: an electrifying meeting of radio-friendly gloss and Garageband rawness. In this approach, they might just be paving the way for a new generation of pop music; the world around them becomes more public, produced, and perfected every day, but vverevvolf showcases the thrill of remaining assertively imperfect -- and of loving every minute of it.



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