Granny 4 Barrel Showcase

Granny 4 Barrel

Imagine if Norma Bates fronted a rock band ….enter Granny 4 Barrel!! She is “The Matriarch Of Metal” A neo-Victorian shock rock nightmare! She represents the rebellious spirit of rock n’ roll, freedom of expression and nonconformity. Think of Granny as the surrogate bad-ass metal grandma you always wanted.. She’s cooking up her special recipe of hybrid metal for all the rock-n-roll children, and serving up a big middle finger to all the stereotypes and oppressions of the world!

Her new single “Nitro Sexy” is all over SirusXM Octane, on multiple playlists on Spotify and Amazon Music, and her video is blowing up on YouTube:

Like bands: Rob Zombie, Marylyn Manson, KISS, Twisted Sister. Rammstein



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