NY Deathfest 7: Dehumanized, Regurgitation, Afterbirth, Bound By The Grave, Holy Cost, Logistic Slaughter, Buzzherd, Gross, Inoculation, Gutted Christ, Flesh Tomb


Death Metal band from Malverne, NY, USA formed in 1995.


Death Metal band from Ohio. Formed in October 1994.

Thrash metal from Cambridge, Massachusetts. Released one demo called Bleed No More in 1988.

Bound By The Grave

Formed in Baltimore City, MD December of 2014, Bound By the Grave, consisting of members of Death Metal acts such as Dark Disciple, Decimation,Virulence, Bloodspattered Satisfaction and Devil's Radio, set out to do one thing - To compose and produce the most raw and straight forward Death Metal, in the style and lineage of the great roster of bands birthed from Maryland, USA. Crushing rhythms, complex leads, pounding and fluent drumming, Bound By The Grave brings an Old School style of Death Metal that is their own. With their debut EP "Methods of Disposal" released on Virginia's Lost Apparitions Records in December of 2015, you will satisfy every ounce for an old school Death Metal need with every note from this 5 track beast. Being Featured in just their first year, on many National shows, Metal Festivals, Radio stations across the nation, Bound By The Grave, with nothing but momentum, will spread their sermon around the world and lay waste to eardrums everywhere possible.

Pornogrind band from Montreal, Québec, Canada formed in January 2008.

Logistic Slaughter

Logistic Slaughter is a Technical Brutal Death Metal band hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area. Formed in 2008, with influences stemming mainly from old school death metal, the band would mature over it's next two releases (Biophage EP(2010) and the 2011 Demo).

Heavy Thrash Sludge Metalllll. Bethlehem, PA

US death metal band from Cleveland, formed in 2011.



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