Sacri Monti Record Release/Homecoming Show with Volcano, Warish, Operation Mind Blow

"SACRI MONTI have signed to NYC's Tee Pee Records. The five-piece will drop its self-titled debut on July 24. Features members of Radio Moscow and Joy, and boasting a sound best described as "a mix of early 70's underground hard rock, with psychedelic and krautrock elements", SACRI MONTI joins a blooming Tee Pee roster that includes fellow San Diego associates Harsh Toke, Joy and the genre's founding fathers, Earthless."

- Tee Pee Records

"Sacri Monti, one of the most sincere and down-right twisted 70's garage-psych outfits I've heard in longer than I can remember...a heavy helping of blues dowsed balls-to-the-wall psychedelic rock 'n' roll"



Volcano is a soundtrack for an ancient apocalypse. Primordial rhythm and afro-inspired melodies fill their grooves. Lyrical echoes from a time long past. A time when humankind battled the elements and faced mortality. The rumble in the distance grows. The forest falls silent. Impending doom. Let their trance fuel the dance, while theres still time. Let the lava flow…

Volcano is Zack Oakley of Joy on Guitar, Matt Oakley on drums, Gabe Messer of Harsh Toke Keys and Vox, Billy Ellsworth of Loom on Bass, and Ake Arndt on congas.

Volcano's debut LP "The Island" will be out on Tee Pee Records later this year.



$10.00 - $12.00

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