Murphy's Law

Murphy's Law

Founded in Astoria, Queens in 1983 Murphy's Law are huge part of the New York and American hardcore legacy. Their albums, such as the self entitled, "Murphy's Law" and the 1989 follow up "Back With A Bong" helped creating the sound of New York Hardcore back then, as well as what it stands for today.

So Long Liberty

So Long Liberty is an American punk band from Eastern CT. The band consists of guitarist and vocalist Shane Alsop, bassist Pete Kwiecinski, drummer Tom Fay, and Keyboardist Joe Nettleton. Founded in 2011 by Shane, Pete, and Tom, the band released its first demo e.p. under the name “The Excitement Gang”. In 2014 Bret Barton joined the band on lead guitar. The band subsequently recorded Single for the song "CT Summer" and continued to develop their sound which is a fusion of punk, reggae, ska and rock. After a year of playing shows regionally, Bret left the band and was replaced by Joe on keyboards in late 2015. The Excitement Gang continued to evolve until in late 2016 when it became apparent that the band has changed in message and sound from its beginnings. A new name and focus was necessary. So Long Liberty entered the studio with seasoned regional musician and recording engineer James Castelano and completed their newest EP “So Long Liberty" ST for release in early 2017.

So Long Liberty is influenced by many other fusion and purist bands in both ska and punk music. Direct influenced can be heard in The Clash, The Specials, and Operation Ivy.

Members of So Long Liberty are/were also in the bands Forced Reality, Flip Ya For Real, Distance No Object, Blastmat, and The Distributors.

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