Je Suis France

Je Suis France

The boys are out of the boys room tonight. Je Suis France makes amends with Athens with their first show in the Classic City since whenever the last one was. They're bringing their instruments and themselves and some ringers and a condo full of new songs from an upcoming album (a real album, not a typical France album) that'll be out in 2019, and they're dropping them all off at the Theater roof for the very first time. Come celebrate a life of summers with your old or new pals and see what them racquet boys can do. They've been looking for someone like you.

Shy Layers is the musical incarnation of Atlanta (by way of Brooklyn) artist JD Walsh. He has been profiled in Pitchfork, Uproxx, Stereogum, and TrackRecord, among others. His latest release, on Hamburg's Growing Bin Records fuses elements of Krautrock, 80’s r&b, dub, African highlife, and rock & roll, Balearic pop, Caribbean percussion, and free-form modular-synth jams. As eclectic as these elements can be, the songs always retain a pop sensibility, and remain accessible and compact. His self-titled LP was named one of 2016's top 20 Electronic records by Pitchfork.

"Shy Layers’ debut is one of the year's great, unexpected pleasures: a deeply engaging, effortlessly listenable collection of Balearic pop with overtones of yacht rock, Kraftwerk, and Graceland.” -- Pitchfork"

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