Laryssa Birdseye, Alycia Lang, Strange and the Familiars

Laryssa Birdseye

Portland, Oregon is a city ripe with musicianship, talent and creativity. Despite all the city has to offer, Laryssa Birdseye effortlessly stands out as one of Portland's most captivating musical offerings. Generating new fans at every performance, Laryssa has been gaining steady momentum with no signs of slowing the pace.

Self-described as a folk singer that accidentally began to write pop music, Laryssa uses humor and honesty to enchant her audience. Having struggled with addiction and an eating disorder, Laryssa’s songs reflect the turmoil of heartbreak, dependency, regret, and the persistent strive towards healing, making her originals relatable and her hooks infectious. Her soaring vocals are filled with flawless riffs and soulful melodies. Best known for her biting wit and clever lyricism, Laryssa stands out best as a songwriter, offering tremendously relatable content—often serving to inspire, often breaking your heart open as she spills hers.

Alycia Lang is a Bay Area singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who commands a room with her clear, vulnerable and deceptively powerful voice. With a style that weaves folk, jazz, indie pop and dreamy, electronic shoegaze sounds, her songs speak of messy endings, fresh starts and the growing pains in between.

A Northern California native and lifelong singer who trained as a young teen at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Lang spent the last decade making a name for herself on vocals, guitar and keys in critically acclaimed touring bands like Waterstrider and Trails and Ways. But her forthcoming EP MakeShift represents a departure for the artist, who in 2017 planned to leave the Bay Area after a series of splits both personal and professional.

The world had other plans for her: after moving to her childhood home for what was intended to be a short stay, Lang found herself and her family awaiting evacuation orders on a daily basis, in direct line of the firestorms that swept Northern California that October. Living with bags packed, hosing off the roof as debris fell from the sky, and watching as her neighbors endured tragedy shifted Lang’s perspective on what was truly important.

Recorded at San Francisco’s legendary Hyde Street Studios in the months that followed, the result is MakeShift, an EP full of urgency, an eagerness to experiment with new sounds, and a renewed sense of gravity, humility and purpose.

Strange and the Familiars

Stephanie Scelza was born to a pack of wolves and left howling on the doorstep of a human family in 1983. Her family realized she was different when she started singing before she could speak, and whisked her off to vocal lessons at the age of ten. She narrowly escaped a life of professional opera-singing when she found a guitar, quit her studies, and eloped with a band.

Never able to take herself seriously as a human being, Stephanie found solace in the blues, when she discovered she was able to howl away with impunity.

Suspicious of human classifications, Stephanie is hard-pressed to describe her music as a blend of funk, blues, and folk. She has tricked a wide array of respectable human musicians into playing music with her, none of whom she can remember by name, because that kind of thing isn’t important to wolves.

You can find her padding around the Portland music scene with no particular directive beyond survival, and the desire to find a quiet place for a good, long howl.

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