Jacks River Band

Jacks River Band

Known for their driving blues-rock style and extended improvised jams, Jacks River Band performs with an undeniably contagious energy. Their improvisational funkadelic rock sound features a hard hitting rhythm section, gut-busting guitar leads, and soul soothing vocals. Drawing on legendary influences such as The Allman Brothers Band, Deep Purple, The Grateful Dead, and The Derek Trucks Band, Jacks River Band delivers a uniquely blended sound that pushes the boundaries of blues, rock, and funk.

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The Vinyl Suns

The Vinyl Suns, a Blues Rock band based out of Athens, GA, prides themselves on bringing an eclectic mix of musical styles to the table. While Blues Rock is their primary focus, they throw in a clever mix of Southern and Progressive Rock. These talented musicians come from very diverse musical backgrounds, but they come together in a way that pushes the musical envelope, telling their unique story, while inviting the audience to do the same. They draw inspiration from their own personal experiences, and tell stories through their music that will truly stick with the listeners. What sets them apart is that each song is a living, breathing piece of work. Each song is open to innovation, whether it be onstage, in the studio, or just jamming out together. The deep musical connection that these musicians have with each other ensures that each performance is true to what they stand for as artists.

$10.00 - $13.00


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