Coral, The Diamond Vehicle, Berlin Taxi, Tony Hernandez

Lindsey Shante & Carson Mitchell

The Diamond Vehicle

Rock from Birmingham AL

The Diamond Vehicle is a rock music quartet from Birmingham, Alabama with bass, drums, guitar, vocals and synthesizer.

Melody, simplicity and bravery.

Both precious and cutting.

Synth based Pop from New Orleans LA

Berlin Taxi is the latest stop for the musician Michael Arruebarrena. In recent years, the New Orleans music scene has been exposed to Arruebarrena’s songwriting through prisms of garage rock, alternative, and even touches of psychedelia and new wave. Berlin Taxi is his latest effort after further musical exploration; namely an excursion through Europe with bandmate Morgan McManus. The two discovered the distinctive styles of Euro-based synth pop and soon afterward began devising a newly inspired creation. Adding another New Orleans scene mainstay, Greg Manson, to the outfit, the group presents a modern take on synth based pop music that incorporates the more straight forward writing styles of Arruebarrena’s past works.



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