Behaviorist is the solo project of Stephen Rodes Chen, the baritone saxophonist of Brooklyn’s acclaimed art-rock powerhouse San Fermin. Named after the 60s-era psychological revolution that imagined living beings as manipulable machines, Behaviorist takes an incisively critical look at human behavior with startlingly frank lyrics set over ever-shifting musical arrangements. Chen's plaintive vocals alternately evoke Ben Gibbard and Rivers Cuomo as he self-critically explores explosive topics including pornography addiction ("Dirty Pictures"), toxic relationships ("Long Division"), predatory college bros ("Reptilian"), and most shockingly, America's gun violence epidemic ("Good Guy"). For everything else left unsaid, Chen’s urgent constancy on saxophone gives rise to mesmerizing instrumental passages, while symphonic horns and pianos ebb between icy, electronic stillnesses and flashes of 80’s rock.

Venika is the latest musical project, of Niki Morrissette, a Brooklyn-based actress, and singer-songwriter. As a member of the Brooklyn band Great Caesar, Niki toured the country sharing the stage with diverse acts from Indigo Girls to Allen Stone. Now, Niki plays with genre as a means of moving closer to informed and honest expression. With Venika, Niki is engaged in a soulful exploration of heartbreak, authenticity, and resilience. Expect VeNika's first EP in the winter of 2019.

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