Rick Bain & The Genius Position Album Release w/ Daystar, Steve Wilkinson

Rick Bain & The Genius Position


Portland, Oregon's Rick Bain and the Genius Position are quite simply a great American rock band! Taking cues from psychedelic outfits like Pink Floyd, but putting a wholly American twist on the oeuvre, they bear a distant resemblance to The Doors or maybe The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. There's a vastness to Crooked Autumn Sun, a certain pervasive penchant for things big, wide or spacious. Take a song like "Bye Bye Blue Eye". The gentle western twang, the moseying gait, the distant vocals and transcendent rock organ underpinnings all point toward something bigger than life. The instrumentals "Assume the Position" parts I and II are similarly expansive. "Magic Horse" approaches Spiritualized's realm of hypnotic, trance-inducing rock landscapes. The entire album is a beautifully textured and monumental work.

Some songs on Crooked Autumn Sun aren't as epic, but still exude this spirit of freedom. "So Good" is smooth and melodic; Bain's rich baritone is paired in unison with a dreamy, whispery female voice, creating an enchanting sonic mixture. "So Good" has more than a bit of Honky Tonk to it. The shuffling rhythm and rootsy slide guitar could easily be Merle Haggard, but the spacy organ pads and the effusive use of echo effects are just too trippy. "Orlando" is atmospheric -- music for a rainy afternoon, perhaps. The lyrics are powerfully visual: the best line is "And Satan was my backdoor man…" Believe me, in context, it's not as corny as it sounds!

This is an album that starts out strong and then grows on you. I've heard it five times now and I like it better each time I listen to it. I've found it particularly rewarding to dive more deeply into the lyrics. Their nuance and depth do much to enhance the album's expansive atmosphere. It's always great to discover an exceptional new band, but to discover one that you might actually still like in a year's time is priceless!


Based out of Portland, DAYSTAR is big hooks, big melodies and bigger harmonies. Their songs sit nicely between Badfinger and Wings, with a bit of The Faces for attitude.

Vocals, Guitar / Derek Phillips
Guitar / Joel Roth
Bass / Kelly Simmons
Drums / Nick Foltz

Steve Wilkinson

Wilkinson’s career started with Gravelpit on the American label Schizophonic Records (I-5 Killers compilation with Everclear, The Wipers, Supersuckers), which released two singles and 2 full-length albums worldwide. Gravelpit later signed acclaimed American psychedelic label, Rockadelic Records, which released their third and final album. Wilkinson then formed Portland’s Mission 5, who released two full-length albums and toured the Northwest and Europe to support their releases. He now fronts Portland mainstays Wilkinson Blades, who have released two critically acclaimed LPs. Steve is currently working on a third Blades record as well as his debut solo release.

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