Balance & Composure

Balance and Composure is an indie band from Doylestown, PA. The band formed in the winter of 2007 and has released a 6 song EP entitled 'I Just Want To Be Pure', a 12'/CD EP entitled 'Only Boundaries' and a split with Scranton, PA's Tigers Jaw. The bands debut full length album, titled 'Separation', was released on May 10, 2011 via No Sleep Records.

The Jealous Sound

Summer 2000 saw the release of The Jealous Sound 5-song CDep on indie start-up, Better Looking Records. The band's fanbase grew rapidly as The Jealous Sound toured the country and shared the stage with At The Drive-In, The Get Up Kids, No Knife, Death Cab For Cutie and The Promise Ring. Magazines worldwide caught the excitement of The Jealous Sound's debut with glowing remarks in Maxim, CMJ, A.P., Kerrang and more. SPIN heralded The Jealous Sound as "the rock you must have".

With the success of Better Looking Records' CDep release, The Jealous Sound signed a record deal with Mojo Records in 2001. Within weeks of signing, Mojo lost their distribution and announced sweeping layoffs. The Jealous Sound found themselves in limbo. Months later, Mojo was bought out by Jive Records (home to such artists as Backstreet Boys, Jars of Clay and R.Kelly).

Obviously mismatched on Jive, The Jealous Sound managed to escape and wasted no time in signing back with former label, Better Looking Records. The Los Angeles record label is home to releases by No Knife, The And/Ors, Australia's Ides of Space and most recently, a sold-out Jimmy Eat World limited edition holiday single.

Better Looking Records is looking to release the much-anticipated 12-song full length "Kill Them With Kindness" by The Jealous Sound on June 3rd, 2003. The band just finished recording with acclaimed producer Tim O'Heir (All American Rejects, Superdrag, Sebadoh / Folk Implosion, Juliana Hatfield, Dinosaur Jr.).

Singer/guitarist, Blair Shehan says of the new record, "This is going to be a dark and moody record. The songs are still honest and revealing. With Tim producing, we're getting bigger more expansive sounds...the music will have much more of a sonic landscape."


Channeling alternative bands from the 90s, punk bands from the 80s and adding their own current attitude, Daylight comes at you with catchy riffs and hooks that will make you want to scream out every word. Pennsylvania keeps churning out amazing young bands and Daylight can be added to the top of the list. Six Feet Under Records.



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