"The newest and best in a long line of Nutmeg State hardcore fury is Intercourse, a four-piece wrecking machine from New Haven apparently hell-bent on getting some of you arrested by giving you that final push off the proverbial ledge. This thing is a full-on prison riot. Take all forms of sonic hostility and shake vehemently until all ingredients are evenly dispersed and then maybe you have a ballpark idea of where this band is coming from."
- (Metal Insider / Hartford, CT.)

"If you like either early Rollins era Black Flag or Mathcore you’ll like Intercourse." - ( / Miami, Fla.)

"A disorientating piece of dementia bolstered by the barbed, angular guitars of Kevin King and the thoroughly maniacal, scream filled rants of vocalist Tarek Emad Ahmed. They bring smiles to the faces of reprobates who like the mathy, aggressive sounds."
- (Alternative Control / Hartford, CT.)
"The music punches you in the gut from the first sound blasted at you so sharply and uncivilized like. 4 dudes from New Haven, CT who make a loud, hefty and drunk noise punk ruckus with a power hardcore tinge."
- (Static fraction blog)

"Intercourse add their own stamp of originality without being incomprehensible or “too much”. I.e. they don’t sound like every other contemporary Hardcore band. A brutal slab of Hardcore Punk with lyrics to match. A visceral, abrasively corrosive blast of Hardcore."
- (Musically Fresh / UK)

"These dudes are gonna blow your head off."
-(RVA Magazine/Richmond, VA.)

"I love that they are willing to do different stuff musically, but its all tied to an anchor of belligerence. Just frothing at the mouth, white knuckled belligerence."
- (Razorcake / Los Angeles, CA.)

Intercourse have got modern punk right, they keep enough of the old format, mixing just the right touch of noise. They’re like the peace treaty the punk underground needs to all come together again. For a first release this is a leap into the bed of greatness.
- (Dead Sparrow / Virginia, US)

Fashion Week

The FASHION WEEK sect unites a lovingly scummy cast of NYC amp-heads who have collectively deafened many humans through work with Jarboe, Man's Gin, Nakatomi Plaza, Go Deep, Family, Vampillia and many more this millennium, who within this unit, dispatch a brew of belligerence that remains somewhat unclassifiable, although elements of an awesome host of influences course through the somehow cohesive creations.



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