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Panther Car

Panther Car comes in the shape of a traditional rock band yet sounds far from it. Their amorphous brand of pop music teeters between the radiant iridescence of psychedelia and the murky darkness of dreams. Every moment is a door that opens into a new room. Songs progress through tangential wormholes as in an ecstatic conversation; music that is equal parts meditation and celebration. Hard to categorize, maybe Panther Car is better defined by negation. Panther Car is not something you want to miss. This is not Panther Car.

Modern Sons

With a wall of sound so thick, the Modern Sons can't help but captivate their listeners. Each of the four members (Ryan Saul, Casey George, Mitchell Martel, and Dan Haywood) bring their own layer to a ubiquitously sonic ambience in an attempt to cultivate something organic and new. The four have a dynamic in which they are continually pushing each other to explore new territory using a variety of technological complexities. Saul states, “It’s definitely loud rock, but it has distinguishable vocals and intricate melodies”. The band’s influences include Pink Floyd, Spoon, The Vines, Black Keys, Spoon, 311, Band of Horses, and Silversun Pickups. Lyrically, they cover a wide range of themes with one more recent caveat which is writing music about sustainability, social responsibility, consciousness, and living in the moment.

“What caught my ear the most is that they are one of the few bands I have seen that is effectively and skillfully using textural changes of dynamic. What I mean by this is that from my experience most acts generally stick to one style and generally use whatever change dynamics are stereotypical to that style. They rarely venture into other territory, and as a result it is homogenized and predictable. Modern Sons is not that, they use textural dynamic changes and structures that are not based in a particular style but are rooted in the expression of experience and the song itself, resulting in soundscapes that convey a story and a destination from an epic journey. The lyrical storytelling of Ryan Saul's vocal style combined with Dan Haywood's soaring shimmer, the grit of Casey George's bass punch, and the solid, intricate thunder of drummer Mitchell” ~Shiloh, Drummer for Arkheron Thodol

Steady Trees

An amalgamation of personalities, genres and ideologies. Whether it's blues, jazz or psychedelia, we aim to groove. "Light to Shade. Whisper to thunder" - JP



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