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Heidi Krutchkoff

Heidi Krutchkoff is an actor, singer, Broadway teacher, and host extraordinaire! She graduated from the American Musial and Dramatic Academy in NYC where she won the deans award for acting. After leaving NYC and returning to Bozeman Heidi has performed with Bozeman Actor’s Theater, The Ellen Theatre, Shakespeare in the Parks, and Verge Theater. When she’s not teaching Heidi will jump at any chance to get on stage hosting such events as Pecha Kucha, IndepenDance and most recently the Raison D’etre Dance Projects burlesque show NOIR.

Vera Visceral

Vera Visceral, also known as Nina Tuccarelli, is a burlesque performer, dancer, choreographer, photographer, and musician! She recently helped stage, choreograph, and costume many of the numbers in burlesque spectacular NOIR featuring members of the Raison D’Etre Dance Project and local artists. Since 2011 she has choreographed and performed in the annual IndepenDance community dance performance in Bozeman and regularly composes her own music to accompany her choreography. As a music artist she has released 6 full length albums featuring dark wave, synth, and gothic tracks. She currently resides in Bozeman with her husband, Rob, and their two felines.

Megan Makeever

Megan Makeever is a classically trained musician GONE WILD! She lives a three-pronged musical life as a professional flautist, singer/songwriter, and music instructor. As a flautist, she has played with or been a member of many professional groups like the Greensboro Opera Orchestra and Piedmont Wind Symphony and various chamber ensembles around North Carolina and Montana. As someone who desires to dip her toes in different genres and break out of the classical mold, she loves to perform and record with singer/songwriters, and rock/jazz groups. Her newest interest is beat-box flute! When Megan doesn’t have a flute in her hands, you can find her gigging and promoting her original albums with her guitar and keyboard as an award-winning singer/songwriter. Check out her award winning album Unstoppable!

Melissa Dawn

Melissa Dawn is a native of South Carolina who moved to Montana after spending five years studying and performing in New York City. Melissa trained extensively at the studios of Trisha Brown and Merce Cunningham, and she completed the Professional Training Program of the Merce Cunningham Dance Studio where she was a Merit Scholarship recipient. Since moving to Bozeman, Melissa has danced with Montana Ballet Company, participated in IndepenDance, and co-founded Collective Movement. Melissa is a company member and choreographer for Raison D’être Dance Project and continues to work as an independent choreographer, dancer, and visual artist.

Paige & The Peoples Band

Paige And The Peoples Band have quickly made a name for themselves as being one of Montana’s Premiere Musical acts. While the Band themselves are a young group, only a few years old, members of PPB have been charming, captivating and blowing the collective minds of audiences throughout the United States and Europe for many years. Sharing the stage with such musical legends as The Doobie Brothers, Lyle Lovett and Willie Nelson, members of Paige & The Peoples Band are no strangers to the big show. A mix of Rock, Soul, Funk and Fusion they keep the crowd bumping and the energy climbing. This horn powered, fully charged Band were recently voted Bozeman’s Best Rock Band and premiered this season of the Emmy Award Winning show 11th and Grant with Eric Funk on PBS. Paige & The Peoples Band deliver a performance to remember and definitely not to miss!

Paúl Gomex

Paúl Gomex was born in Venezuela in 1981. In 2001 he joined a professional Circus formation in the city of Merida. By 2003 he was already performing in several shows as an acrobat, juggler and clown. Inspired and determined to pursue his personal formation, he traveled to Belgium in 2007 where he developed his research at Espace Catastrophe, L’Atelier du Trapeze and the Music Academy of Etterbeck. As a result of this research he created two pieces for Theater: « En Attendant » (2008) and « Penitenziagite Teniaie » (2009). In 2009 Paúl joined the Belgian chapter of the NGO Clowns Without Borders, participating in tours to several countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America (Ivory Coast 2009 – Nepal 2010 - India 2011 - Thailand 2012 – Venezuela and Colombia 2014). In 2011 he began studying contemporary dance in Brussels and throughout the following years he collaborated in several projects, mainly alongside choreographer David Zambrano. In 2015 Paùl entered into his Masters of Physical Theater in Dimitri Academy in Switzerland, where he created the Swiss chapter of Clowns Without Borders, which is his ongoing artistic project. In love with movement and with roots in the universe of circus and clowning, Paúl develops, researches and expresses himself through a language where the technique is always in service of play, where poetic images merge within a mixture of music, circus, dance and physical theater.

Raison D’être Dance Project

Raison D’être Dance Project (RDE) is a professional contemporary dance company based in Bozeman, MT founded by Erin Levy & Genevieve Trygstad-Burke. RDE combines the artistic passions of musicians, dancers, choreographers, and artists to produce large scale classical and contemporary performances. The company is currently preparing for their next production “Rachmaninov & Plutonia,” set to premiere in Fall 2020. The 2019 season will include various projects that provide professional development for company members and the beginning stages of development for the project. Small performances are scheduled to feature new works and to create awareness of the project. The goal is to educate, empower, and heal audiences and artists through dance and music, universal languages that dissolve boundaries.


Atryp recently moved to Bozeman from Pittsburgh. This master rap artist is dominating Bozeman’s rap scene with the release of his HOT new album Shoebox Under the Bed. “Talking to myself made me look crazy, so I started making music. Now I talk to myself over a beat”

Walt Woolbaugh

Walt has been performing magic for over forty years. His magical shows have taken him into shopping malls, college, universities, television appearances, street fairs, just about any place people gather. His shows combine magic, music, comedy, audience participation, doves, and event a live rabbit! In addition to performing magic, Walt manufactures a line of magical apparatus that is sold to magicians and magic shops throughout the world. When not performing magic, Dr. Walt Woolbaugh is an adjunct professor at Montana State University.

Jupiter Everhard

Montana’s premier Boylesque performer and aerialist. Recently seen in Bozeman in Femmempowerment and NOIR this dreamy dancer is fresh from the Seattle Boylesque festival and on his way to the New Orleans Burlesque Festival. This gorgeous human is always at the ready. Keeping things steamy.

Ryan Cassavaugh

Ryan Cassavaugh is a writer, producer, director, and comedy genius. Ryan was a part of the 2-member writing team that brought us “Don’t Close Your Eyes” live radio theater. He also heads up the brilliant team that created “Freak Out: the musical” which won Bozeman’s choice for best local play. When not writing and directing or hosting local events. Ryan can be found keeping audiences in stitches with his hilarious stand up sets.

Austine Alta Theil

Austine Alta Theil is a local belly dancer and teacher. She travels the world participating in tribal belly dance festivals and recently performed in Femmempowerment on stage with music legends Beats Antique. When not performing you can find Austine training local dancers in the art of belly dancing.

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