Grady Hoss & The Sidewinders

Grady Hoss & The Sidewinders

Rylan Brooks w/ special guest Pat Reedy

“Had a expected!” - Sarah Shook

RYLAN BROOKS is an Outlaw Country Western band from America, U.S.A. Founding members Nate Rylan and Chris Brooks started out hauling cargo up and down I-95, but now they're delivering original Country music with a dose of good-natured humor all across the nation. Their live music and performances are lighthearted, irreverent, and packed with energy. The songs are memorable and influenced by the sound of 60's & 70's country music while pulling ahead into their own edgy, unique take on things. They'll take you back to a time when Country was COUNTRY, but they'll leave you with plenty of NEW COUNTRY CLASSICS to add to your fancy streaming apps.

Nate Rylan and Chris Brooks’ works have been featured by Verizon, HBO, MTV, VH1, EPIX, ESPN, WWE, Bellator, US Open, The CW, EAS Sports Nutrition, CBS, as well as popular music blogs like Stereogum, Consequence of Sound, Highway81Revisited, StereoStickMan, and have been performed at SXSW. They’ve recently gotten the attention of Dean Miller, Nashville heavyweight and son of Country Legend, Roger Miller, who’s taken them under his wing, much like Col. Tom Parker took Elvis under his.

RYLAN BROOKS found they had a knack for writing incredible tunes together while on the road working transport. They took their guitars along and made music on stopovers, penning their first song together, "Living For Today", while in a Georgia motel room. "We were listening to a lot music like Jerry Reed, David Allen Coe, and Kris Kristofferson on the job" Rylan remembered, "along with newer stuff like Colter Wall,, Dallas Moore, and, Elizabeth Cook, and we were thinking there ain't nothing better than this....but we might as well try!" Brooks heard the sound in his head immediately, "it’s outlaw mixed with some funny, mixed with some ugly...that's RYLAN BROOKS! Look, we all go through the same sh*t - might as well sing and laugh about it, it’s funny but it’s not a joke.” And that's the exact attitude they take on stage with songs like NOBODY LOVES ME LIKE MYSELF, FIREWOOD and LAST NIGHT I LIED TO JESUS. They can make you laugh, they can break your heart!

“...their good natured material helps Rylan Brooks push boundaries without us realizing it until we’re already believers...there are a lot of things in country music I’ve been missing that seem to flash before my eyes when I’m listening to Rylan Brooks...” - Colby Thomas, Country Rising.

“They’re two a**holes, but they’re two a**holes you want to know!” - iHeart Radio

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