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Changing Modes

The music of New York City based rock band Changing Modes began quietly in the mid-90's when the principal songwriter of the band Wendy Griffiths (keyboards, voice) started making her "bedroom tapes." Since then the band has released 4 albums and 2 EPs and have been actively performing their strangely catchy and complex music in New York, Chicago, Boston and D.C.

The Lucid Culture review of their latest album HERE describes their music quite well: "Changing Modes leap from one radically dissimilar style to another with gusto, guile and a tunefulness that won't quit. Blending classical flourishes, punk energy, playful and clever lyrics that draw on 80s new wave and a ubiquitous element of surprise, every time you think you've got them figured out, they drop something new on you".

Chris Saunders

South African born photographer and film maker from Johannesburg.



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