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Boston, MA


Elephants is a Boston-based indie rock four-piece. Gravitating toward thick, sustained guitars, fuzz-soaked bass, and peppy tempos, the songs balance punk undertones with a strong pop songwriting sensibility.
The band started in late 2011 when guitarists Ryan Young and Lauren Garant began recording acoustic demos to a four-track tape machine in their living room. The result was a short burst of wistful bedroom-pop, reminiscent of The Softies and The Vaselines. Their songs took on a whole new energy when played in a full-band setting; the guitars crunch and growl while the melodies maintain a bittersweet tone, and influences like The Breeders and Superchunk become more apparent.
Elephants' second album, Strange Waves, was released on January 12th, 2015. Driven by dynamic two-guitar interplay, haunting vocals, and sweet pop hooks, the songs call to mind "the soft crunch of Helium and the lengthy, squelching soloing of Dinosaur Jr." (The Boston Globe). While the album explores a variety of different sonic textures, a common thread of straight-ahead songwriting and lo-fi roots tie it all together.
They have performed extensively in their home state of Massachusetts, but they have also done some touring along the east coast; they have found themselves at home at a variety of venues, DIY spaces, and basements across New England and beyond.

Golf Weapons

Three piece making guitar music in good ol Massachusetts



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