Witch Taint (full live band performance), Eternal Black, Mutant Scum

Witch Taint

Take the most extreme black metal of all-time and then multiply it by 50 or something and then go sit in a ditch while listening to it and then you're still not even close to how brutal this is. Besides, you can't handle it anyway.

American doom metal/stoner rock and sludge tinted trio band from Brooklyn, New York, NY. Originally founded as The Black Hand in 2015. They changed their name to Eternal Black within the same year.

“Mutant Scum,” a viscous, radioactive substance hitherto unknown by modern science; discovered by the Society for Estuary Waste Education and Research in the vicinity of Brooklyn’s polluted Newtown Creek early in 2015.

The creatures comprised of and henceforth referred to “Mutant Scum,” were subsequently discovered while tracking the substance to it’s source. Little is known about these creatures, the substance, or what event may have twisted them to life. In an effort to generate, aggregate, and analyze information; the Society of Estuary Waste Education and Research has devoted a portion of their efforts to focus on the ongoing activities of their discovery.

This is the sum of the efforts of S.E.W.E.R. and they will continue to project estimates of upcoming activity. Any information or inquiries may be directed to info@sewer.org.


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TONIGHT! SAT 6/29. Bar opens at 6. Doors at 7. Tickets available at doors. Come early for Trooper Beer USA Happy Hour! $6 Trooper tallboys get you a FREE Trooper cup! $10 Die with your Booze on- Trooper + Red Bush whiskey shots ALL NIGHT LONG! Set times:
745 Mutant Scum 845 Eternal Black 945 Witch Taint.
Then stick around for GBH Events Music For The Masses - New Wave Night - Free w/RSVP 11PM til close!

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