Right Round: The 80s Alt Dance Party, DJ lil'e

Right Round: The 80s Alt Dance Party

DJ lil' e brings the beats and the dance to the mainstage come early March, get ready.

DJ lil'e

Lil'e, AKA Erin Myers, hopes that whatever you call her, you dance while you're doing it. Because she would get down to a heart monitor if it was over 98 bpm, e spends a good bit of her time trying to elicit that response in others by making with the beat-beat using her turntables and vast collection of eclectic records.

You can book lil'e in one easy step - just visit her website at djlile [dot] com and send her a note!

Mike Kangal aka DJ Kangal

DJ Kangal aka Mike Kangal has been a staple of Washington DC dancefloors for over 21 years. A veteran mover and shaker of the DC Retro and Darkwave scenes, you would be hard pressed to find a dancefloor anywhere in the district he hasn't made shake or get through a weekend where he can't be found somewhere in DC making people dance. He has been making appearances at the Black Cat since 2005 and has held residencies at such infamous District parties as Alchemy @ Nation and Resurrection @ The Roxy, and currently can be experienced monthly at Dark & Stormy at DC9. djkangal.com



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