The Good Morning Nags

The Good Morning Nags

The Good Morning Nags is an NYC-based roots-country band that finds inspiration in traditional American folk music as well as contemporary styles. Back in the late 00s, Britt Reagan (guitar), Tim Hassler (fiddle), Titus Tompkins (drums/percussion), and Ben Quinn (mandolin) began playing music together at the University of Evansville in Indiana. As theater students, they often collaborated to score plays with music. Through these experiences, they quickly learned that their tastes, talents, and friendship formed a four-part harmony and they began writing their own material, culminating in an early collection of songs, “Rise and Shiner”. After graduating, the group dispersed across the country, before reuniting in NYC.

In NYC, the group started busking all over the city, in parks and on subway platforms. Gigs soon followed and Mark Spitznagel (Rusty Guns) joined the band, bringing his virtuosic banjo style, which complemented the band’s increasingly traditional repertoire. Highlighting their love of old time and bluegrass, as well as their raucous busking personality, the band paired up with Erik Samuelson (Three Crown Studio) to release their first 7-song EP, “The Good Morning Nags”.

The band grew once more when Pete O’Neill brought his dynamic bass lines and rhythmic genius into the mix. With the current 6 members, the band turned its sights on recording a full-length album of original material. After an exciting songwriting process and a successful crowdfunding campaign, The Good Morning Nags returned to Three Crown Studio to record with Erik Samuelson. Their single, “No Damn Good” and their first full length album, “Hard Hope”, are available for purchase and streaming online.

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