Misty Mountain Band

Misty Mountain Band

For all you NYC Zeppelin fans, can you imagine hearing them live in a small venue in NYC?

Misty Mountain Is best Led Zeppelin tribute band out there today.
Capturing their studio authenticity with live spontaneity, truly a "Led Zep Legacy" mesmerizing audiences and fans throughout the region.

Their guitarist virtuoso, Elliot Negrin, has painstakingly emulates
the genius of Jimmy Page. He does this through a myriad of special tunings on various electric and acoustic guitars. In addition, he uses other song-specific tools such as a violin bow and glass slide to capture the essence of the music.

Ed Terry, the vocalist extraordinare, has the range and inflections of Robert Plant at his best. Ed is capable of hitting the notes and screams that very few singers out there can match. As and actor, Ed’s stage presence is truly paramount creating the illusion of Plant’s persona and interactions in Misty Mountain’s stage performance.

One of the most grueling feats in the Led Zep universe is the locomotive rhythms of the late great John Bonham. Shawn Murray, an internationally renown drummer, is up to the task. His attention to the details and nuances of Bonham’s odd-meter beats and dynamic drum fills makes him a vital member of Misty Mountain.

Al Levy, the bassist, has a huge supportive role which he shares with keyboardist Stu Waters… the genius of arguably the most unsung hero of Led Zeppelin, John Paul Jones. Al has been honing his skills with careful precision to lay down the bottom end for Misty Mountain. As with Elliot, he utilizes several different tools and playing styles in his arsenal to accurately represent the multiple time periods of Led Zep’s compositions.

At last but not least, Stu Waters accomplishes one of the most recognized musical ingredients of Led Zep’s sound… Keyboards. As a highly respected accompanist, Stu knows exactly where the proper voicing and colors are needed
to complete the Led Zep sound spectrum. He tailors his synthesizer to produce the organ, mellotron, clavinet, and electric piano sounds which Jones used on Led Zeppelin’s most beloved songs.

In addition to the gifted musicians seen on stage, there is talent offstage who has been vital to the career of Misty Mountain, JT, who brings his technical and musical prowess in the support domain. His meticulous guitar management and musical advice of Led Zeppelin is second to none.

All these members collectively and synergistically alchemize to re-create the experience of one of the greatest rock bands of all time!

$20.00 - $25.00


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