The Luminati, Concrete Groove, Ian Bamberger

The Luminati (aka Micah Femia) first started mixing up music when he was 2 years old on the pots 'n pans. Since then he has gotten a little more advanced, primarily using a combination of Ableton Live, tricky iPad apps, a drum set & vintage kids toys to craft funky, danceable gems right before your very eyes. His discernibly unique patterns are complemented by his visual performance that evokes strange and mystical creatures from various realms to be sorted out by a plethora of influences, dark and light. Growing up as a ballet dancer, Femia developed an engrained a sense of rhythm as well as a passion for performance. He combines this with his Meisner & UCB training to fuel a new, never-ending trip into the wonder that sound & light provide; the healing nature of vibrations and the transcendence of the collective moment involving the listeners into a landscape of limitless dream worlds and alternate universes. Be warned: The future is fast approaching, and it's gonna be a trip.

Hollowcore (Luminati Records), Femia's second full length album is due to drop summer 2019. Although few have heard leaks, it has been described as -- Reckless, Skeletal, Psy-Funk & Downtempo, Scattered with Dark Humanized Waves & Gnarly Shape-Shifting Melodies, Smashed in a Trash Can 6 Feet Underwater, Beneath a Shawarma of Shakes & Crunchy Marching Orders, Constantly Provoked & Haunted by a Creepy Crawly Dirt-nap Bass with ADHD.

Eric and Max started Concrete Groove as an experiment in late 2017 and have completed writing and recording an album which is to be released late summer. Brooklyn based, they feature a mix of alternative, blues, reggae and pushing to the boundary of metal.

Ian Bamberger is a bluesy folk-rock guitar player that performs all original music and hails from Asbury Park, New Jersey. Ian has released four albums of original material and currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.


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