William Elliott Whitmore

William Elliott Whitmore

A man armed only with a banjo and a bass drum can be a formidable force, especially if his name is William Elliott Whitmore. With his powerful voice and honest approach, Whitmore comes from the land, growing up on a family farm in Lee County, Iowa. Still living on the same farm today, Whitmore has truly taken the time to discover where his center lies, and from that he will not be moved.

Whitmore has repeatedly carved his own path, honoring the longstanding tradition of folk music throughout his nearly 20 year career, while always allowing his blues, soul and punk rock influences to shine through. Getting his first break opening for his friend's hardcore band with just a banjo in hand, he would discover bands like The Jesus Lizard, Bad Brains, Lungfish and Minutemen and soon learn to play his own brand of rural, roots music with that same DIY ethic.

William Elliott Whitmore has been back and forth across the United States and to cities around the world. He's toured with such diverse acts as Frank Turner, Trampled By Turtles, Clutch and Chris Cornell to name a few. He's appeared on some of the biggest stages around the world including Stagecoach Fest, Byron Bluesfest (Australia) and End of the Road Fest (UK). His willingness to take his show to any playing field has proved invaluable as he turned strangers to diehards with every performance.

Morgan Snow

Morgan Snow is like an old country song living in the modern age. His songs "hit you right in the gut." With a voice that has been described as "pure soul" with hints of familiarity, it is haunting and powerful and with no comparison to pinpoint. It is the one thing you won’t forget. Some of his songs hurt, some make you laugh at him or yourself, but what is shared from night to night is a connection, a new relationship waiting to be revisited and rekindled time and time again.

Morgan Snow's life has played out like a morphed and twisted country song written in an alternate universe who took a hit of acid instead of just going to bed. His insights and experiences have been molded, and carved into his psyche like the western desert landscape he calls home. Where as most people know a good story is partly fact and mostly fiction, Morgan has lived the kind of life that doesn't need added fiction to interest you in his stories. Ask him sometime how he was able to be let off with a warning after having his Miranda rights read to him by a Missouri State Trooper the night he moved to Nashville. See if he will tell you about the time he hit a three run walk-off home run in his first game as a freshman in college long before he ever picked up an instrument. Or what it was like to spend a summer in prison talking to inmates everyday. Maybe he will tell you about his introduction to Owl Medicine, or the story of his Mormon ancestor Erastus who is the reason Snow calls Salt Lake City home, as well as the 6 generations before him. Go ahead ask him, or better yet listen. Listen for what he puts into his songs. Beacons of a life lived, lost, and reincarnated, and the search for eternal truths while doing his best not to take himself too seriously in the process.

His career in music has been anything but a straight line. He has evolved as a songwriter, a singer, a performer, and as a recording artist. Keep in mind he has only been writing and playing music since his late twenties. Left to his own devices he has created songs that don't rely on commercial success to drive his body of work. Instead he has relied on finding his own voice, and hasn't settled into any one style or genre to pull inspiration from.

Morgan is currently in the process of recording a new album due out in the Summer of 2019 with his band Triggers & Slips. He is also working on recording a solo acoustic album.

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