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Will Bailey

Will Bailey is a leader of the nu skool. One of a growing breed of new, young producers taking strides in the electro-house revolution, making waives in the industry as he goes. A string of hot remixes & releases have brought him to the attention of some of the industries biggest names, with his productions now being played in clubs, festivals & parties across the globe.

So what of the man? Who is this young Brummie who's turning heads, making people sit up & take note of his work?

From an early age it was clear that Will was destined for a future in the music industry. With his father working as a session keyboard player in massive rock bands during the 80's such as Magnum & Whitesnake, Will was exposed to the lifestyle & instruments from day one, and it wasn't before long until he was learning both the guitar & drums himself.

Throughout his school years, Will's thirst for music grew. By this stage, he was able to play many instruments and inevitably he was part of various bands & music groups. The influences of both his father & brother were joined by those of the stars of the times such as Prince, Michael Jackson and David Bowie, then later The Prodigy, The Orb & Orbital. However, it was whilst at Uni in Bristol during the late 90's that Will was drawn to a different route.

It was here that his Saturday nights were spent listening to Danny Rampling's legendary 'Love Groove Dance Party' shows on Radio 1, and before long, like many others, Will's love for house music had begun.

He couldn't get enough of it and started going to parties whenever he could; watching & listening to US house jocks such as Brian Tappert, Louie Vega & Kenny Dope, Mousse T and David Morales...

... but listening and partying just weren't enough; Will wanted to be a part of it himself. He wanted to be doing what those guys were doing. He wanted to be the one controlling the crowds, and making people dance the way they were. Will wanted to be a DJ!

So, he saved. He saved until he had enough to buy his own set of decks and once he had them... he practiced.

DJ'ing came to Will like boxing came to Ali; He was a natural, and it wasn't long before he was displaying those skills at local nights throughout the city. But with new heroes such as Eric Morillo & Yousef showing that there was more to DJ'ing than just stringing 2 records together, Will's determination to push on became even greater.

Soon enough, people were talking and he was getting regular gigs at respected nights including Wildstyle, Slinky, Funktion & the massive Bristol Bank Holiday events at Liquid.

In 2002, Will got his first taste of promotion as he, together with friends, started up what is now Bristol's longest running and well known boat party 'The Funk Boat'. The parties have reached almost legendary status in the South West, and have since formed the basis for the creation of what are currently 2 of the city's biggest nights, 'Prominence' & 'Electroquisite'.

Soon Will was regularly playing at some of the countries leading nights & venues including Miss Moneypenny's, Promise, Godskitchen, L'america, Creation, Liquid, Spin, and Fuel. He also gained a residency at the huge Bristol based night 'Kandybox', which saw him spinning both locally and on European tours alongside many of his peers including Yousef, Seb Fontaine, Tom Neville, Lottie and even the man who influenced him most, Danny Rampling.

Inevitably, Will soon looked to further his career by moving into production, another talent that seemed to come naturally to him.

In 2005, Will released his first solo production titled 'Rootin'. The track represented a huge step forward for Will, and his talent was instantly recognised by the likes of Rock Solid Productions.

Will's second release titled 'That Piano Track' coincided with his relocation back to the Midlands. Regular appearances by Will on the Birmingham circuit gave him the opportunity to champion his own tracks, a factor noticed by Miss Moneypenny's who not only embraced his ability behind the decks by making him a regular guest at HQ, but also signed 'That Piano Track' for release on their own label.

After a short break at the end of 2005, Will came back more focused & determined than ever. The new electro based house that had taken over the scene seemed to be the sound he had been waiting for; This served as the catalyst for Will's career and 2006 proved to be even more successful than the last...

Unofficial remixes of huge tracks including 'Switch - A Bit Patchy', 'MTV - Bleep' and 'Don Diablo - Blow' received huge attention. His own productions too received rave reviews, with requests & plays from some of the biggest in the business, all of whom were & still are keen to support his work; Tracks such as 'And Again', 'One', 'Freak', 'Shaker' and 'Go Sick' all found their way to the record boxes & CD wallets of the industries biggest players.

2007 has seen the demand for Will's work go global, and he recently embarked on a mini-tour of Brazil, taking in some of Rio's best clubs & festivals along the way. Further original productions such as 'Pop', the Simma remix of 'Freak', and the collaboration with Digital Filth for 'Krusher' have further enhanced an already glowing profile. Indeed, it's this latest track that seems to have got some of the biggest stars in a spin, with Radio airtime from none other than Jules & Eddie Halliwell, and the likes of Dave Spoon publically announcing it as his 'one to look out for' on Pete Tong's Fast Trax show.

It was these kind of reviews that led to Toolroom head honcho Mark Knight sounding Will out for his remix of 'Crunch', Mark's own collaboration with electro-house hotshot Richard Dinsdale. In fact, he likes it that much, he put it out on a Toolroom digital release, announcing to the world in the process that Will bailey had arrived!!!

DJ'ing wise, Will's profile continues to grow at an astronomical rate. His residencies at Prominence, Electroquisite & Kandybox have this year seen him line up alongside Timo Maas, Eric Prydz, Mylo, Mark Knight, Ian Carey, Paul Jackson, Chris Lake, Micky Slim, Tocadisco, Funkagenda, Dave Spoon and many more.... and that's just in Bristol!

His increased fame brought about by his production has seen almost every club in the country clambering to get him in.... The Cross, Sankey's, Mission in Leeds, Godskitchen.... they've all been on the line. He's even been booked for the legendary Space terrace in Ibiza for Alex P's own private birthday bash.... One thing's for sure though... wherever he's been, he's left them craving for more with a string of technically & musically jawdropping performances....

So what does the future hold for Will...?

Well, with a whole host of exciting new ideas, energy and material, and his own label 'Simma Records' puching his work forward, you can expect a lot more from him in the remainder of this year alone. You're looking at an exciting, fresh and unique young producer who's already on the lips of the biggest names in the game and who unlike many, is as equally talented behind the turntables as he is in the studio. Even now, it's already clear that 'Will Bailey' is a name we're all set to hear a lot more over the coming years.

His future you ask?

Will IS the future....

Impact Mechanics

In 2007, Techno label Impact Mechanics was created by Orlando Solis, also known as DJ and producer Submerge. Solis lives in Chicago and is a studio musician. After a long stretch of releases, he combining all facets of his diverse talent and began doing live performances under the alter ego Impact Mechanics. Rising to worldwide prominence out of Chicago’s warehouse scene, he has played many credible and prestigious events across the globe including Berlin’s Berghain, Madrid’s Fabrik, Nature One, Def Con1, among many others. In 2012, Submerge will collaborate with rising star Raul Rodrigues, also known as Komprezzor, through live PA’s using both software and hardware performed in real-time. Their music ranges from different styles of Techno music using many techniques and pieces from the their growing repertoire. Raul's skill set is exceptional and exists as the second half of Impact Mechanics.

Jen Sob

Jen Sob is a native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She has been spinning grungy, bass-heavy breaks and electro since 2009 when her lover, mentor, and partner in crime, Thrasher, began teaching her. Her infectious energy will both motivate and captivate. With a background in art and a long time love of music, its anyone's guess where this passionate woman's evolution may lead her.

Ziggy Z

IN the past years has fluctuated through all types of Hip Hop music Then Finding a home rocking sets of, EDM With his mixing, filthy attitude behind the decks ZIGGY Z rocks the house time and time again.Planing underground Party's & EDM Events that are sure to rock all across Wisconsin and grater MID WEST .CEO of Pro Aliance Ent2004 & Strut / P.L.U.R....Fect PRODUCTIONS he now works with NOISE COMPLAINT RECORDS producing all original tracks soon hit all over the MID WEST with the help / dedication of Promoters & { The P.L.U.R...Fect Family } this Midwest native has been active in the EDM scene since 1998 was immediately hooked by the beats and the atmosphere. What he has learned in the scene by just attending numerous shows for many years , now he brings the his own to parties in the grater Mid West. Since then, he's been seeking out new venues & clubs now producing music and playing out NCR Tracks at every opportunity he has .SO Now his style ties into his way of looking at parties: “It’s not just the DJ,....it’s not just the dancers,but others say it's the music....... It's everyone that collaborates to make it a great party, and a great night.The style of bass heavy Electro & Wobbly Fidget with a taste of Tech House quickly made him a great DJ / Producer but don’t try to figure out what he sounds like by comparing him to others, come and hear him for yourself. HIS SUPPORTING CREWS--&rt; NOISE COMPLAINT RECORDS / STRUT PRODUCTIONS / CRAVER ENTERTAINMENT / PLUR....FECT PRO / RYTHMATIC / STRANGE LUV / EZRA'S GO GREEN ROADSHOW Working with many other well known EDM crews around the Midwest This DJ in the underground scene is slamming dance floors and venues all over the Midwest along with KLYPZ CUSTOM SOUND SYSTEMS You don't want to miss his newest self produced trax and Dirty dirty sets . sure to get you Dancing


"What can I say about FOIL that hasn't been said before?
This PHENOM has taken the Midwest by storm since day one!
He's definitely one of those artists that NEVER gives you the same show twice, his track selection is unmatched and ever progressing.
Every person who has ever seen FOIL can tell you that his sets are high energy and flawless! You have been warned, when it comes to BASS music this is one of the best in our region and we are proud to have him!"



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