Lyres, GLiDER

Maybe a few bands in Boston rock & roll history have lasted as long, and made as much music, as the group Lyres. Led by rock music obsessive collector, VOX organ player, and all-caps screamer joselito gomez Oblivious to alternative or indy rock trends, the group Lyres were among the first toexpose the garage-punk ethos with a smidge of veneration for the past... and keep it that way. a reverb drenched tremelo guitar sound that's mostly lost to time, has any band shown such devotion and reverence to the spirit of rock and roll without coming off as a bunch a hacks?


Downtown garage powerpop & punk

GLiDER original music from Cal & Schmel’s 80’s Boston band (w/ Sway Pop PETERS ­vocals/bass/songwriter ) ... Jetset ~~ performed now with Cal/Yuke on vocals and w/Yuke on bass.

~~~Time to Rock It ! ~~~~~~

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Band Members
Cal Cali­ vocals & drums
Al Schmel ­ guitar
Yuke Fujii ­vocals & bass



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