The Deer

The Deer

Borne from the creative atmosphere of Austin, Texas, The Deer create vivid transcendental dream-pop, stargaze surf-western, and psychotropic folk. In 2018, The Deer won an Austin Music Award for Best Folk Band, as well a major grant from Black Fret, a non-profit organization based in their home town. Their influential roots may lie in the realm of acoustic folk, but their new album “Do No Harm” (releasing October of 2019 by Keeled Scales) prongs out into both psych and indie rock territories, demonstrating a matured sound and songwriting from the quintet, and yet maintains elements of bluegrass and chamber pop.

Frontwoman, Grace Rowland’s “voice levitates and glows like a lightning bug over a psychedelic mushroom patch of electric and acoustic instruments,” wrote Austin Chronicle critic Kevin Curtin of the band’s third album, “Tempest & Rapture” (2016).

The Deer have played notable festivals such as Northwest String Summit, SXSW, Winterwondergrass, Kerrville Folk Festival, Old Settlers, and the Oregon Country Fair. They have also co-billed with acts such as Wild Child, Elephant Revival, and Big Thief.

Small Leaks Sink Ships

Small Leaks Sink Ships is a four piece progressive art pop band currently residing in Portland, OR. Members consist of London Van Rooy, Judd Hancock, Jim Mandel, and Ryan Garner. The band merges synthetic samples and beats from scratch with the raw power of Acoustic instruments lead by a duo of distinct vocalists creating an eclectic and unique sound. Small Leaks has been through their fair share of obstacles over the years starting with a near fatal motorcycle accident in 2010 with member, Ryan Garner followed by a cancer diagnosis in 2011 with member Judd Hancock. By means of perseverance and pure stubbornness, the band managed to stick together through both recoveries delivering two Full Length albums and a 5 track EP. Now, the quartet ventures out to create their fourth installment, "Golden Calf" set to be released at the end of summer 2017 on Lefse Records.

Johanna Warren

An intuitively self-taught guitarist, Johanna Warren channels powerful songs in weird time signatures and melancholic open tunings, weaving adept finger-picking with acrobatic vocal lines and carefully crafted poetry in reverence of her patron songwriting saints Elliott Smith, Joni Mitchell and Nick Drake. Approaching music as a potent healing modality, Warren cultivates and honors the physically healing properties of sound and the spiritually healing powers of artistic expression.

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