Sunfellow, Connor Villard, Gregory Falatek, Brian Mantra

San Francisco bay area's Sunfellow takes a page out of the classic AM era, blending rock, pop, soul and psychedelia. Their latest release is an embodiment of that sound. Lush harmonies and ethereal melodies with songwriting that weaves tales through despondent and stark observation. All wrapped up in a funky, groove laden package.

Connor Villard

Connor Villard is an LA based songwriter and musician.

Falatek is an award-winning musician and filmmaker, born in Philadelphia, based in Los Angeles, California. Falatek’s music is a unique blend of post-punk, indie rock and ambient, experimental music.

Brian Mantra, an artist from Northern California, is a songwriter/producer who fuses his pop origin with alternative R&B.
Although his sound has been ever changing, he has stayed true to his purpose in making great music and telling genuine stories. In 2018, he released his first self-produced album “youthemism” and is currently working on his highly anticipated second mixtape.



  • Brian Mantra - 8:15
  • Gregory Falatek - 9:00
  • Connor Villard- 9:45
  • Sunfellow - 10:35

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