Dot Square

Dot Square

Devised in 2005, "Dot Square" is an ambitious outlook on the contrary side of the world today. With swirling guitar textures, subtle driving melodies, & dramatic rhythms, "Dot Square" tackles the mind and aims straight for the mood.

The City And Horses

The City and Horses is the work of a Brooklyn songwriter and former Cosby Show extra (Season 7, Episodes 25 & 26). While firmly steeped in the indie tradition, TCAH's songs traverse many genres of pop: from twee to power to psychedelic to chamber to folk to lo-fi (and back again). The common threads are idiosyncratic vocals, often accompanied by surprising harmonies, and clever and heartfelt lyrics that mix the wit of Stephin Merritt with the wist of Stuart Murdoch (or something).
The City and Horses play catchy indie pop, literate lo-fi folk, earnest country ballads, electro-sex dance, grunge rock and Mo-Town fop. The members of the band are adorable and can fit in your pocket.

Their debut album "I Don't Want to Dream" is out now on White Shoe Records. The band is currently recording their follow up album.

Time Out New York says, "The singer-songwriter behind The City and Horses refers to himself merely as Marc, hinting at the breezy informality of his indie-pop tunes. Unassuming as it might seem, though, the Brooklyn outfit's debut, 'I Don't Want to Dream,' is both wise and disarmingly wistful."


melancholic pop
pronounced louis
a band
not a person
go figure


Brethren, a new-age indie folk band, consisting of 2 brothers and 3 good friends who have been writing, recording, and performing for the past 10 years, have come together to create simple and honest music. Knowing that hard distorted music wasn't their thing, Brethren was created by stripping things down to the minimum. As the music progressed, Brethren fell into their own form and began creating a beautifully melodic sound. The band includes 2 guitars, keyboard, a stand up bass and drums. The final ingredient that makes their sound complete is the three part harmonies. This band gets people moving and puts you in a perfect mood. In the past 2 years, Brethren has released 2 EPs and are now gearing up to go on the road.


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